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Just Finished Hitman: Contracts: Exceeded expectations handsomely!

Content of the article: "Just Finished Hitman: Contracts: Exceeded expectations handsomely!"

When I heard about the premise of Hitman Contracts, I was just expecting a re-skin of Codename 47 with an few extra bells and whistles in order to generate hype for their next title, but MAN I was wrong! This game is a masterpiece:

I loved the atmosphere, it was like walking through a horror movie. Every assassination was at night to reflect the conditions outside the hotel room, and the colour pallet of the game was really dingy. And the ghost part of Traditions of the Trade, along with the nasty accident scene along with Kyd's music was a real psychological thriller.

It wasn't just a re-skin, they redesigned the layouts of the maps in Codename 47, so although I roughly knew where to go, it wasn't as easy as I anticipated. And they threw in some new missions at the beginning too! My favourite level was the Beldingford Manor, I don't know if that was the fact it set in Britain, making it close to home, but poisoning the whisky, and sneaking around a ye olde worldy mansion was the shit! Not to mention the fact you could smother people with pillows (I know I sound like a psycho saying that, but it is Hitman). The level of detail, the awesome GTA 4 sounding weapons and gunplay was off the charts, even exceeding Silent Assassin.

They majorly refined the good ideas (though sometimes poor execution) from its predecessor, Silent Assassin. The first person cam looked better, and you can use your 'Z' and 'C' controls when in first person too, a small but major difference. The sneak system was improved, you could now move a lot quicker, instead of shifting along at 0.5 mph. There was a lack of content you could argue, but it was only meant to bridge the gap between SA and BM, but they executed it nicely. The disguise system was put straight as well, which I was pleased to see.

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However, I would of liked them to have prehaps improved the Jungle or Japanese missions. They were the one's no-one liked, and they could have made an enjoyable experience, by making them more structured and the map lay out better. I also liked how they put a bit more thought into the Finale, allowing for a stealth approach, rather then just an annoying shooting gallery spam LMB kill-em-all.

But all-in-all, Contracts is a keeper. 9/10. Onwards to Blood Money!

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