Just started Hitman (2016) and really enjoying ti but I’m beginning to think it’s inferior to Contracts and Blood Money in everything except gameplay.

Hitman always has been one of my fav game franchises and was my escape from my shitty childhood. I never had a good pc nor a console so I used to play the og Hitman trilogy on my shit pc back in 2012 . I’ve replayed those games countless time( yes, even Codename 47). I upgraded my pc and got a ps4 in 2017 and then played Blood Money and enjoyed it really well and replayed it a few times. I tried absolution but gave up on it midway, now I’m playing Hitman 2016 and I’m really liking the gameplay and how the levels are huge but I just don’t find any of the targets memorable nor the levels. I still remember MeatKing Party, Bjarkov Bomb, Traditions of the Trade, Terminal Hospitality, A Vintage Year, A new life, Murder of the crows , Beldingford Manor and many more levels from Hitman Contracts and Blood Money. 2016 lacks the dark and gritty atmosphere in my opinion and to me just feels inferior to Contracts and Blood Money. Also I find the targets in 2016 are just evil for the sake of being evil compared to Contracts and BM targets- especially Swing King. Killing Meat King and his psycho brother was so satisfying and in 2016 the targets just feel meh. So far I’m enjoying the game but imo it just fall flat in comparison to Blood Money and Contracts atmosphere and story telling. Contracts and BM showed how 47 was just a myth to the world and how everyone feared him and while it was not the best story in games, it certainly was good for Hitman. Also the ost is downright terrible compared to BM and Contracts imo. In Contracts Hunter and Hunted when the entire police force comes to hunt 47 because they are downright afraid of him and Killing everyone in BM at the end while 47 stands up in slow mo with Ave Marie playing in background was really amazing and blew my mind. Hitman 2016 lacks any of these moments. I’m enjoying the game and most likely will get 100% on every destination because of great gameplay and levels but 2016 Hitman is certainly not as memorable as BM and Contracts. Thanks for reading!

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