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Legacy Maps in Hitman 2 Still Bugged

Content of the article: "Legacy Maps in Hitman 2 Still Bugged"

It's been 2 years and the legacy maps are still plagued with bugs. In my case it's master challenges not popping when they (without any doubt) should be. I tried about 40 times today on Sapienza to get SA/SO, my method was as follows: get the laptop dongle from woman at the morgue by pretending to be dead, going through the villa kitchen to get to the observatory building, make a save at the back door as the next part can be tricky, kill Caruso and knock out his guards so they don't look around for him, knock out the golf coach and the nearby guard by the cliff, use the golf coach's phone to lure De Silva to the same building and kill her, go back around the cliff where the coach was and get into the lab, knock out the couple guards at the lab overlook area, climb down the nearby pipe and knock out the guard by the sea plane and the scientist on top of the building where you destroy the virus, use the dongle to destroy the virus, and quickly board the sea plane. I hid all bodies so none were found and I was never seen.

At the end screen not only did I not get it, it had recorded guard headshots and being spotted from times when I had to reload due to being seen or from shooting at guards before quickly reloading (gotta blow off steam somehow). This is not supposed to happen, that is why you get a single save on master, you get one spot where you can screw up and if you reload it isnt counted at the end. I have done the same thing many times on other maps and never had this much trouble getting the SA/SO before. Earlier today I'd done the same on Paris and it wasn't recording guard kills or being spotted, so what gives? Googling around shows me that this has been an issue for at least a year and some have had this issue going back to when the Legacy maps released.

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Other than this major issue I had several times where Caruso had "eyes on the back of his head" seeing me take out guards behind him, despite the fact the before reloading to that attempt he hadn't seen me, and accident kills being counted against bodies found, which also isn't supposed to happen.

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