My Full Hitman III Concept (Repost)

Update: Obviously, Dubai is confirmed as one of (maybe the first) missions… so one of my levels has to go. That said, I'm not going to pick, I'm going to leave them all in. Maybe IO will do 7 main missions 😉 I also know that this post is outdated and it's very likely some of my suggestions have either been confirmed, will be confirmed, or will not be possible. This is very simply a thought exercise.

Original Post:

I know IO already know what they're doing, but I enjoy pretending I can do their work for them, so here's my overall concept for Hitman 3. I've posted a version of this once before, but I've added more to it and have adjusted some things.

Basic Plot Synopsis: 47 continues to hunt down remaining key members of Providence with the help of Lucas Grey, as it becomes clear that Grey has a hidden agenda, culminating in a final showdown between 47 and Grey to tie up all loose ends.

MAIN MISSIONS (summaries posted here may different somewhat from the full versions linked)

  1. Ireland – Murder at Black Valley (Murder Mystery Dinner): A trio of crucial Providence members are celebrating the grand opening of their joint venture; a prestigious Castle Hotel in Black Valley, Ireland, by hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner theater for wealthy elites. A portion of the hotel is open to the public, but the "First Class" wing is restricted for the elites only, and is where the Dinner is taking place. 47 has many devilishly poetic opportunities to kill his targets in plain site with guests possibly believing that it's all part of the game.
  2. Ohio, USA – Power Struggle (Nuclear Power Plant): The grand opening of a Nuclear Power Plant (built out of a retrofitted century-old coal plant) owned by a Providence Member as part of a wider scheme to control the US Power Grid is threatened by an Cultist Terrorist who plans to cause a meltdown. An opportunity to eliminate another member of Providence is met with the chance to prevent a nuclear catastrophe, a world concern that can't be ignored even by the typically a-political Agent 47.
  3. South Dakota, USA – The Ecstasy of Gold (Wild West Resort Town): Low-key Providence Members operating a Wild West themed resort town as a front for human trafficking are on the menu this time. All staff of the resort town remain in character as guests try live out their Wild West fantasies. Daily scripted shows such as show-downs in front of the saloon, hangings, and jail breaks take place on schedule, and can provide 47 with some excellent opportunities to stage unfortunate "accidents" for his targets.
  4. Puerto Rico – Safe Harbor (Cruise Ship): Word is spreading that it's not just the higher-ups being taken down; ALL notable members of Providence are being hunted. A few more of these Providence members are attempting to vanish via a Cruise Ship which is currently moored in Puerto Rico awaiting the clearing of a storm at sea. One of the Targets is the owner of the Cruise Line; the other two are a married couple who have worked with the Cruise Line owner on a number of different Providence-related ventures. Intel acquired by Olivia Hall suggests that the three are planning on sinking the ship at sea after escaping via a small watercraft, sacrificing the hundreds of innocent lives aboard to cover up their own disappearance. With the ship stuck in port, this is the best opportunity for 47 to get aboard and take down this trio before their plans come to fruition.
  5. Alberta, Canada – Terminal Departure (Airport): As the remaining key Providence players are on the run, Olivia Hall tracks down two more as they attempt to board a private aircraft at a Providence-owned small airfield in Alberta. A looming blizzard has grounded flights and the duo is nervously held up at the airport, giving 47 an opportunity to take them out.
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark – Enemies Within (ICA Headquarters): With Providence almost entirely eradicated, the remaining members have enacted a "scorched Earth" protocol to take down several pillars of control throughout the world – the ICA being one of them. With the ICA destroyed and its secrets exposed, world governments will have been revealed for having contracted the ICA, leaders will be overthrown, and in the ensuring chaos and confusion, any number of other Providence contingency plans could essentially spell the end of civilization as we know it. On top of this severe problem, Lucas Grey's ultimate agenda has finally been revealed- manipulating 47 and The Constant alike in order to fulfill his desire to see the world burn. This location provides 47's greatest challenge yet – getting around in a highly secured facility full of other highly skilled field agents and handlers who know 47's appearance and tactics. Of course, it also gives 47 the opportunity to play with new gadgets and weapons not yet cleared for field service… as well as his own personal vault, containing numerous weapons and items he's obtained throughout his career. The main conflict of this mission is a "Boss Battle" with Lucas Grey, which is sort of a cat and mouse game during the whole mission – Grey knows 47's tactics and will use them against him, including set ups for "accident kills", use of disguises and so on. Apart from taking down the Providence operatives in the mix, 47 will also need to keep a keen eye out for Lucas Grey's attempts to catch him by surprise.
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BONUS MISSIONS/DLC MISSIONS: These missions will be released over time as part of regular updates.

  1. Hawke’s Bay – The Human Inferno: An illegitimate festival involving the burning of a massive effigy representing human greed is taking place on the now abandoned remote beachfront property in Hawke’s Bay, formerly occupied by Alma Reynard. The target is the organizer of the event, who has already taken payment from many eager party-goers that arrived only to find provisions and utilities very limited and inadequate for the number of people in attendance – and ultimately, not much to do other than stand around. This happens to be the second sham event put on by this organizer, and the client, the son of a wealthy film producer and previous victim of the festival scam, feels this to be the appropriate time and place to exact revenge on the organizer, who can be found milling about the abandoned house, or participating in the lighting of the effigy.
  2. Mumbai – Blackout: A power vacuum in the wake of the deaths of Vanya Shah, Dawood Rangan and Wazir Kale has left the slums of Mumbai to be preyed upon by both the remants of The Crows gang as well as an insidious real estate mogul with nefarious intentions. Although the ICA doesn’t concern itself with the political and social fallout resulting from their contracts, in this particular case it would seem that fate had intervened – The ICA has accepted a contract from an anonymous source in Mumbai to take down the heirarchy of The Crows as well as the Mogul and end this strife once and for all. The majority of the city has been plunged into darkness as the The Crows have destroyed a utility sub station leaving citizens without power or running water. 47 infiltrates the chaos under the veil of darkness to eliminate his targets. This mission plays with light and darkness in a new way, allowing 47 to use the dark as cover if he remains motionless. This works the same way as hiding in tall brush and would be easy to program – dark areas are simply flagged as "tall grass" hiding areas.
  3. Miami – Fire Sale: The quest to destroy the remnants of Providence leads the team back to Miami during the 4th of July Celebration to intercept and destroy an armored briefcase which houses an off-network computer containing Kronstadt's top-secret, advanced research and development, blueprints, and schematics, as well as eliminate two key players in Providence between which the briefcase is to be traded. This mission takes place in the late evening as hundreds of people celebrate the 4th of July holiday.
  4. Whittleton Creek – Holiday Hoarders 2: Lost in Whittleton Creek: The same client that hired the ICA to take down two thieves in Paris have contracted the ICA once again to eliminate two more members of the same theft ring who are prowling Whittleton Creek for a score, right before Christmas.
  5. Whittleton Creek – Fright Night: A social media star who victimizes society with tasteless and dangerous pranks for internet fame is under the gun from an angry father whose daughter died in an accident during a previous stunt. The star has set up a Halloween party in the suburb of Whittleton Creek as a cover for the staging of his latest stunt. The client wants him dead.
  6. Paris – Eye of the Beholder: A priceless 13th Century Brooch is on display at the Palais de Walewska's annual "Arts and Artifacts" Exhibit and Auction. The event draws in wealthy individuals from all over the world to view many rare and valuable works of art and historical artifacts, and/or to bid on a selection of art and relics. Two obscenely rich men have a seemingly equal interest in the Brooch, and are willing to shed blood in order to take ownership. Money seems to be no object for either of them… which is why, in a unique twist, EACH of the men have hired the ICA to eliminate the other. The ICA Board of Directors deliberated for nearly an hour on how to approach this situation and ultimately concluded to leave the choice up to the Field Agent – either of the contracts is valid, so it should not make a difference which contract the Field Agent chooses to complete, as the other will be void upon the client's death.
  7. Colorado – The Ghost of Vengeance: A team of fraudulent “ghost hunters” with an extremely popular internet video channel has honed in on the abandoned Apricot Farm in Colorado, after hearing the urban legends about a series of mysterious deaths that befell 4 members of a militia that once resided there. Instead of merely filming their fake ghost hunting shenanigans, they’re hosting a massive Halloween party on the premises as well. The client was formerly one of the two creators of the ghost hunting series, but was ousted by his partner after objecting to the staged hauntings that his partner had been arranging. The client, wealthy from years of internet stardom, has put up the money to have his former partner as well a the two crew members that were complicit in the ousting eliminated partly out of revenge – but this isn't purely about revenge. The client discovered shortly after the ousting that his former business partner was directly responsible for the drug-fueled car accident that claimed the life of the client's girlfriend, and two of the show's crew members share a portion of the blame, as well. The client wants all three responsible parties eliminated at the Halloween Party at the old Apricot Farm.
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  1. Target Hunt: The premise of this mode is very similar to Gmod Murder. One player is the Assassin and must eliminate the other players, before the other players collect enough clues to unlock weapons and eventually reveal the identity of the Assassin. If you've played Gmod Murder, you know exactly how this works – however, there is a Hitman twist by way of disguises and the ability to covertly kill and hide bodies.


  1. A distinction will be made between Challenge-Based Contracts and Standard Contracts. Standard Contracts involve OPTIONAL additional challenges only, allowing players to complete them as they wish without suffering penalties for not using the right exit, or having only one exit available, for example. Challenge-Based Contracts will have those additional complications in effect.
  2. Creators can now select certain objects and designate them as an Objective Item. For example, you can now require the Player to obtain a specific object on the map in order to complete their mission. Safes and locked wall Cabinets can also be targeted for breaking into, and a random object will be placed inside for the player to collect.
  3. Creators can now designate certain number of NPC's as Enforcers for 47's default Suit.


  1. Each main type of firearm will now be represented as it's own category in the weapon selection menus. For example, there are many variants of the ICA19/Silverballer – The Chrome one, the standard Silverballer, Black Lilly, basic ICA19, etc. Instead of having each variant of this gun listed in the pistols menu, you will now select the ICA19 category, and from there you can choose which variant you wish to use. Your last-used variant will become the Default, so selecting the ICA19 in the weapons menu will equip that gun, should you choose not to select a different variant. This is true for all firearms that have multiple versions – shotguns with and without silencers, the different variations of Jaeger 7 or Sieger 300, etc.
  2. Mark 2 weapons/items have been removed entirely.
  3. Players can now Save up to 4 individual Load Outs (and name them individually). Load Outs can be selected in the mission-prep menu as a new option. The current tile which says "PLANNING" will be split in half horizontally, and just below it will be a new option, "SAVED LOAD OUTS". Within this menu are your named custom load outs, and selecting one will equip it to the "PLANNING" menu.
  4. The Suit Menu is now organized based on Categories – Casual, Formal, Tactical, Special. Casual includes things like the Italian Suit or Tourist Suit, etc. Formal includes anything with a Tie, essentially. Tactical are things like The Raven Suit, Hunter's Gear, Wet Suit, etc. Special are things like the Clown Suit, Flamingo, Santa, and so on. Your last-used Suit is the default for each Category, and simply selecting the Category and backing out of the menu will equip the Default suit.


  1. Super Enforcers: Some Enforcers, referred to as "Super Enforcers", who are particularly observant, are able to "inspect" found bodies. If allowed to complete their inspection, they will discover things like needle-marks, dart-gun darts, or other suspicious circumstances regarding a death/knockout/sickening. For example, two guards are standing near each other. One is a Super Enforcer. You shoot the other guard with an Emetic Dart, causing him to become sick. The Super Enforcer looks at him (as NPC's do) and the little "awareness" circle above his head slowly begins to fill, indicating that they are going to notice the dart sticking out of their partner and realize something is up. Super Enforcers are recognized by the Gold Color of the dot above their head and on the mini-map.
  2. Armed Targets: Some Targets are now designated as hostile toward the player and carry their own firearms. Their behavior when the player becomes compromised is the same as any Guard, except for one difference – they do not actively hunt the player down. They are programmed to retreat to a safe area (as a Guard would if they were escorting a target, for example) and stay there, but will engage if they see the player. This is retroactively effective for targets such as Reza Zaydan, Sean Rose, Maya Parvatti, Rico Delgado, Andrea Martinez, Wazir Kale, Nolan Cassidy, and Zoe & Sophie Washington.
  3. Buddy System: Certain Guards are paired up with one another in such a way that if one goes missing, after about a minute or two, the other will go searching for them. This may create opportunities, or it may create challenges.
  4. Lost and Found: Guards will take found Cell Phones to the nearest Security Hub and leave them on the desk. They will still answer the phone if activated.
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  1. Pistol-Whip: Non-Lethal weapons such as the Kalmer can now be used to pistol-whip NPC's into unconsciousness. The works exactly the same as an Elimination with a lethal pistol does – sneak up behind, and hit the prompt to "Eliminate" (it will say "Knock Out" instead), and 47 will simply bonk them over the back of the head with the butt of the pistol, instantly knocking them unconscious.
  2. Long-Weapon Eliminations: It is now possible to perform an up-close elimination with a long-weapon such as a shotgun or rifle. If within range, tapping the "Eliminate" button will cause 47 to hip-fire into your target's back, killing them in one shot. This is obviously only a silent kill if using a silenced weapon. This action is not available for Sniper Rifles.
  3. Dual-Use Syringes: Poison Syringes of any type can now be used to poison drinks and food. This is an illegal action regardless of disguise.
  4. NPC's Use Briefcases: Some NPC's may be carrying Briefcases, depending on the situation/location. If you happen to notice them leaving their Briefcase unattended, you can place an item inside and that may carry the Briefcase past a Checkpoint for you – assuming they have security clearance to avoid inspection. Otherwise, they may be arrested (taken to a Security Room) and the Briefcase and item confiscated.
  5. Point-Blending: When wearing certain disguises and/or in certain circumstances, 47 can "blend in" to avoid Enforcers simply by standing still. If wearing a Guard uniform, for example, standing still for a few seconds will cause 47 to assume a Guard-like Posture, helping him to blend in to the role. If dressed as a waiter, he may pull out a note pad and pretend to be reading or writing something. In his Default Suit, he may pull out his Smart Phone and pretend to be on a call.
  6. Smashing Cameras: Certain heavy items can be used to destroy cameras by throwing them. These items include things like Bricks, Hammers, Wrenches, etc – anything heavy enough to damage the camera.
  7. The Warning System: On Casual Mode, you are given up to 3 warnings for certain illegal actions before your Mission Rating is affected. For example, if you are caught trespassing once and you allow yourself to be escorted away, you will receive one warning marker. These are represented by 3 translucent X's beneath the mini-map, and they are made opaque when you receive a warning. You may earn up to 3 warnings, and a 4th will void Silent Assassin. Professional Mode allows for ONE Warning, and Master allows for none. NOTE: The Warning System is VOID once a Target has been killed. The disappearance of a Target makes issues such a trespassing more notable to Security Forces.
  8. Trespassing Areas now visible with Instinct: When using Instinct, a Red "laser grid" will appear on the floor of Trespassing areas. This is based on disguise, of course- the grid will not appear if you are in the correct disguise.


  1. Umbrella Gun- Small Caliber single-shot Rifle cleverly concealed within the form of a fancy Umbrella. Very quiet, limited range, and can only be fired once. Make it count.
  2. Silverballer Custom- Includes a red laser sight and an extended magazine.
  3. Silverballer Custom Auto- Includes an extended magazine and automatic-fire capability.
  4. Emetic Gas Phone- A decoy Cell Phone that emits a small cloud of Emetic Gas when a call is answered.
  5. Tracker Coin- A coin with a discreet GPS tracker inside. Allows 47 to track certain individuals of importance (they are highlighted blue when using Instinct).

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