Older Hitman Games, Evolution of the Hotman Concept, and the Music

Bit of a long post, took quite some time. Hopefully, you'll be kind enough to read it.

The aim is to bring nostalgia to older fans and an appreciation for the roots of the franchise in the newer franchise.

Some minor spoilers might be included


I have played all the Hitman games in their release order multiple times.

Decided to replay them for nostalgia, I noticed how the primitive version of today's concepts can be traced back to even the first game. Also the fact that 47's voice actor has always been the same is amazing.


While Hitman has always been a more gameplay-first :story-second kind of franchise, The first two games (and to an extent, the third) had stories that actually involved 47 more.

Rather than the more Geopolitical stories and Illuminati kindof organization stories of the later games, these actually involve 47 as a character quite a lot and we see why 47 is the way he is.

Codename 47, has him find out how he came to be

But its OG hitman 2 silent Assassin is where we see 47 having some emotions and conflits within him.

He severs his ties to the ICA, feels alienated, and struggles to find his purpose, he grows religious and starts living as a church gardner and even shows some regret for taking lives.

But the events of the game(which I won't spoil), make him feel that he'll never fit in, and he vows never to trust anyone again, as he formally joins the ICA and embraces his purpose as the Hitman.

Which brings us to…


Another thing that I noticed was, How IOI's flair for cinematic presentation has always existed despite the graphical shortcomings.

For example, the last scene mentioned in the above section.

The father from the church gives 47 his rosary and crucifix, as he pleads him to be empathetic, and see goodness in others. Despite the events of Hitman 2.

But 47 leaves it at the gate, as he gives his monologue and walks away while camera zooms on it.

Watch it here

Moreover the opening cinematic of Hitman Contracts, is THE MOST stylistic and surreal cutscene in the series, TO THIS DAY.

Watch this video from start to 3:54.

Also the twist at end the latest 2021's Hitman 3 is thematically the Same as in Blood Money. But I won't spoil it here.


The Music of the latest WOA trilogy is Amazing. Subtle yet stylistic and long enough to not repeat during playing the enormous levels.

But the different mechanical nature of the older games and their themes required different type of approach.

While playing, the games I was reminded of how good Jesper Kyd's Soundtracks for the first four games were.

Not only the themes were bangers, but even one – off songs with modest names were amazing.

I'll link a few:-

Do keep in mid that many of these take some time to build up, so either have patience or skip ahead to get a jist of the songs.

Codename 47 theme

"The white room and Main Title" from Hitman Contacts

If there's gotta be a theme for 47 himself, the theme above should be it imo, this even sounds cold, calculating and emotionally detached.

"Slaughter Club" from contracts Certified Banger, bit on the longer side. Let it build first(or start from 2:15)

"Double Ballers" from contracts sound so groovy if you let it build.

"Hitman 2 theme" OG fans will have this one cemented in their brains

"Waiting for Action" from Hitman 2 silent Assassin This track sounds like a theme for a mafia thriller movie (or game).

"Mission In India" from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

"Trouble in Russia" from Hitman 2

"Arabian Dance" from Hitman 2 silent Assassin

"H2 Exploration" from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Such a modest name, but what a banger.

"Apocalypse" from Blood Money This is what targets hear when they see 47😂

"Club Heaven" from Blood Money Slow builder but goes hard, maybe start from 1:00

"Vegas" from Blood Money Personal favourite from Blood money

And Finally, Blood Money theme

If you made it this Far, Thank you for reading..

As a closing note I would like to praise the Legacy Cinematic from the latest trilogy. Its a cool video for everyone, but such a cool fan service to older fans as it shows classic hits from the older titles.

And once again, Thank you!


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