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Please alter or remove elusive targets for Hitman III!

Content of the article: "Please alter or remove elusive targets for Hitman III!"

First, I understand the appeal of ETs so you don't need to explain them and I personally like that a lot about them. But for all I like about them, there is a lot that I don't like about them. Here is why I think ETs should not be in Hitman III or should be altered for Hitman III:

  1. Hitman has always been a single player experience, not a multiplayer game, nor a live service game. I shouldn't have to be negatively affected because someone else prefers to play a certain way. I know, that goes both ways. I suggest making the rewards unobtainable if you fail the contract so that way other people can actually play it and those who prefer the intense contract have that intense risk factor.
  2. Some people will call me a bitch for this, but it is fundamentally unfair. I have a part time job, and I'm a full-time college student. When I'm not working or in class, I'm studying, studying, studying, playing other games, spending time with friends, and am generally not able to keep up to date with all the ETs and other games' timed content. I shouldn't have to miss out on a single player game I bought for $60 plus.
  3. Another point to add onto that, it's also unfair money wise. Does it sound normal or fair for two people to buy the same game for $60 dollars but one person has an extra 29 targets (At least for 2016) and the other does not because they couldn't afford to buy a $60 game right out of the gate? It's so anti-consumer and I don't get how anyone can defend that.
    1. Another thing, they're using FOMO, which is inherently anti-consumer.
  4. It's also unfair to the people who worked on those missions because their work will never be played again, it's essentially lost to time and for no good reason. Possible compromise, maybe before the next game comes out, permanently release the previous games ETs to all the owners (or hell, release it as DLC – it's better than just not being able to play all that content ever.)
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Here are some common arguments and my counter arguments to those:

  1. It encourages/attracts new people to buy the game.
    1. If I saw a new trailer for Hitman and wanted to play the previous ones, which sounds more appealing to the consumer? 29 official/DLC targets, and 28 free elusive targets for Hitman 2016, or just 29 official/DLC targets?
    2. People are fed up with live service games.

What do y'all think? Any thing you'd like to add? Any point I missed, or did not consider? Please comment, I want to hear what you all have to say!

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