Please IOI, add a Contract NPC/waypoint mutator into Hitman 3! (Explanation inside)

People often ask for a map editor. This is obviously way too complex and expensive to do.

Here is more streamlined version, and how it would work:


  • It would randomize some NPCs/items/cameras in the map, before you create a Contract.
  • These would be randomized from among alternative NPCs/waypoint loops/locations, pre-made by IOI.
  • Game recalls the randomization results, when someone else plays your Contract.

Longer explanation – CONTRACTS MUTATOR:

Creating a Contract – Two options

  • 1) Create Contract normally, like now. Default map. Familiar NPC/item/camera locations.
  • 2) Create Contract with Mutator enabled. Some elements are randomized.

What happens with Mutator enabled?

  • The game chooses X amount of NPCs, cameras, and items inside the map.
  • X = whatever is possible for IOI to do development resource wise. Even small amount is enough, to feel fresh.
  • These get randomized, from pre-made alternatives by IOI.
  • Not nearly all NPCs/items will be affected. Most things stay the same as usual. To keep this manageable to IOI.
  • Some NPCs get a new waypoint loop, from a few possible waypoint loops, pre-made by IOI.
  • Some NPCs get just a new profession, face, new combination of clothing, random name. Not necessarily always new waypoint loops. This might be easier for IOI, than waypoints.
  • Some Enforcers may lose their Enforcer status. Some NPCs may gain the Enforcer status. (Keep it logical)
  • Some item locations are randomized, like Emetic Poison is in different room than usually. Also selected from pre-made locations. Probably easiest to do.
  • Some doors will be locked that usually aren't. Or open, respectively.
  • Some cameras might change location. Randomized from few pre-made spots.
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What then?

  • This is then cemented into the Contract file.
  • So, things in the map don't change anymore. Unless you want to re-run the mutator.
  • The information is stored in a light file size text string, hidden inside the Contract file.. telling the game which NPCs/routes (out of those pre-made by IOI) were selected randomly.
  • Then just create your Contract like normally, after studying a bit what has changed.
  • If you dislike the changes, just re-run the mutator.

What happens when the Contract is released?

  • Players will see when browsing Contracts, whether Mutator was used or not.
  • Player who plays it, gets a fresh, more exciting experience.
  • Even if not that many things have changed, it's enough to keep players on their toes, and not able to sleepwalk through sections, relying on old tricks.
  • For the player, the Contract is always the same of course, nothing is random anymore. Only before creating the Contract.

Upsides compared to Map Editor / full manual Waypoint Editor

  • This would be possible to actually do (unlike map editor).
  • This would remove the need for a complex waypoint editor, with confusing UI and control scheme.
  • Would be quick to use, compared to any editor. (Of course losing some flexibility, but see previous point)
  • When loops etc. are pre-made by IOI, (isolated and spread apart enough) they won't cause weird situations inside the map, where two NPCs go to stand in the same place etc… any more than ETs do.
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Upvote for visibility if you want this to happen, please!

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