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Some stuff from today’s IOI Monthly

Content of the article: "Some stuff from today’s IOI Monthly"

  • You will be able to upgrade to Deluxe Pack separately, post launch, if you bought Standard Edition.
  • Phantom suit will be unlock in H3, but it won't be easy to get.
  • The murder mystery in Dartmoor is just one mission story, they underlined this. So you can play it just like any other Hitman level.
  • Dartmoor has various biomes, you can explore the big manor + outside areas. There's hidden areas/doors.
  • You don't start in the Detective suit, you must get that yourself. Similarly to any other mission story. You start in Dartmoor starting suit
  • The murder mystery doesn't affect what your targets are in the level
  • The murder mystery is really unique, elaborate mission story, but again.. not the entire map, just a "regular" mission story, among other mission stories.
  • Audio guys etc. put lot of effort into making everything feel British, and each room feel unique
  • H1 and H2 launches on Stadia tomorrow

VR section:

  • First person perspective is only for VR. Because it's designed for VR and required lot of tweaking. 1st person won't be in the normal game, even if it sounds simple to make it's not. Normal game is just 3rd person
  • In VR small openings like holes in fence become gameplay element, you can shoot from them
  • They amplified footsteps for VR, so you can hear guards approaching better
  • You can hide behind doors in VR
  • …But it's also harder in some ways, because you don't have 3rd person view. So you won't see behind covers, without peeking your head
  • They had to adjust NPC vision, so they see your hands and head, if you peek corners
  • You can tap people on shoulder with your hand too, they turn to the side you tapped them on. Added mechanic
  • You can throw guns to some degree
  • You can clean the table as a Waiter, moving the rag yourself (while blending in). If you don't do it, it will start to become suspicious
  • For VR they made more subtle music mix, but music will be there
  • Move controls are not the plan.. for now. The VR is still WIP, it's not like move controls can't happen
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