The seven deadly sins have so much potential, and could be worth £25, here’s my take on it.

Each level could be a re-skinned take on each of the H3 maps with maybe a surprise bonus one for 7

I'd imagine they focus around 47 being rogue, but he chooses targets with good cause, and the voice over could be him talking to himself.

Here's my take

Dubai – Envy Target – assassin that works for the underworld to take out positive social and political figures.

Motive – He's murdered many good people and he's also pretty good so maybe 47s a little jealous of his skills.

Map – Assasin is on the move to eliminate someone in the tower, I guess it wouldn't matter if the other target got killed but this could take away your no non targets killed bonus or something. The map would have a different event going on based around the assassin's target.

Dartmoor – Greed Target – billionaire looking to buy the recently marketed mansion.

Motive – Blocking funds n stuff billionaires do

Map – House is pretty much the same hot I'd I'd stuff would have sheets over them etc and it is being auctioned with the auction taking place in the garden while some are looking around the house.

Berlin – Lust Target – Strip club owner who takes advantage of his employees and has multiple counts of abuse but is able to get out of them (maybe too mature but idk)

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Motive – I mean…

Map – the club is now a high class strip club type place, boss is at the lower level (maybe he's and all gender type of guy and we all know 47 has a stunning body so this could introduce a new suit wink wink)

Chonquing – Pride Target – social media celeb who has caused many problems to people with their immature and inconsiderate actions

Motive – has straight up third degree murdered people but gotten by on a technicality and still doesn't care about others

Map – not too sure tbh ran out of ideas with this one, could be all above ground located around the hotel area

Mendoza – Gluttony Target – wealthy food company owner (wine replaced with food) who's intentionally trying to poison his customers with long lasting effects so it's not traced back to him bc he is a sociopath (feeling like I went a bit over the top with this one but I'm not a writer so oh well)

Carpathian Mountains – Sloth Target – some lazy businessman's head of human resources

Motive – CEO of company does nothing to help employees in awful working conditions but only because HR head is a supreme enabler of this, he takes advantage of his position to essentially micromanage the ceo and cover up scandals with his background of government work.

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Map – Train is more like the orient express and mission can be done by infiltrating through the private and company carriages with different disguises (but can be done so) to his office.

Bonus Map – Wrath I imagined this could be a hidden ICA facility that 47 managed to locate compromised ICA employees etc. I guess this would be like an extension of the final story and he just wants revenge, ik he's supposed to have no emotions really, but this could trigger them

I realise I super exaggerated what these could be some it's only a dlc but yknow, these but maybe something more like special assignments.

Also aware ioi are focusing on 007 so didnt have as much resources for these dlc but this was a fun thing I felt like doing. Hope you enjoyed reading them.

Edit: of course they would have suit and item rewards too


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