League of Legends

A Day in Caedrel’s life

The Alarm starts ringing, but I'm already awake. In fact, I've barely slept. My weird uncle Drakos showed up out of nowhere again. He's been here for two days and it's already unbearable. I asked him not to make any noise at 2 am, to which he responded with "bro I'm spitting bars". Even my grandfather, quickshot was very disappointed when he heard about uncle Drakos' return.

Grandma Sjokz wasn't really concerned though, she has been a little weird lately. I'm worried about her mental health. A few days ago I saw her talking to herself, It was something like a monologue. I didn't stay long enough to listen, but she was saying something along the lines of "it all starts with success". Anyway, I make my way downstairs and uncle Drakos screams: "WHAT'S UP BRO?" I say "hello" politely, and ask if he could be a bit more quiet. He smiles and says: "damn, why so grumpy, did you cancel another malzahar ult"? I ignore him and walk to the kitchen.

My parents are sitting at the dining table, my dad is reading a newspaper while constantly throwing a pen 2 meters into the air, catching it right after. He's a doctor but everyone just calls him medic. He has a really weird bond with his brother, Vedius. Uncle vedius is probably the most accomplished man I know, throughout his life he has had multiple successful careers, he's been a chef, a detective, a professional bodybuilder, you name it. His dad jokes get a little unbearable sometimes, but he has toned them down ever since his son, Ender, left the town. The story of him leaving is quite tragic, everyone in the town made fun of him and called him names like "weirdchamp" even the mayor joined in on the bullying and refused to give him his "verified" mark for months. I'm not sure where he is right now, but uncle Vedius says he went somewhere near an airport.

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My mother bombards me with questions as soon as she notices me, "how do you feel now that you have successfully woken up? What have you learned from this experience? Are you going to pick zyra support?" Confused, I just pack my bag and leave for school. Uncle Drakos asks why I'm leaving so early, I tell him that I don't want to miss school. Uncle Drakos says: "better hurry up then, or you'll finish 7th and miss this one too".

At school, my friend Agurin walks up to me and says "hahaha, well somebody owes me some subs here" while showing his cool challenger badge. I can't believe it. It's impossible. It's illegal. How did this boosted trash get that badge so fast? He must be scripting. Why did I even agree to go with this bet in the first place? I'm broke af, at this point I might just start doing a hot tub stream, I know uncle Drakos is a big fan of that. It can't get any worse than this.


Oh no. I know that voice, it's the school bully. His name is LS, and he's got his little squad with him. His best friend starts filming with a oneplus phone, and they all walk towards me. Agurin disappeared in a blink of an eye, I almost didn't notice it. I honestly don't remember how this whole issue with LS started, I called him an entertainer once and I think he didn't like that. I was just trying to be polite and not call him a fucking clown, entertainer was the first word that came to my mind.

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LS pushes me and his goons pin my hands to the wall so I can't move. LS laughs and jokingly says "looks like someone got caught pushing too far on a sidelane". his stupid friends laugh, LS walks a little closer and says: "say the magic words, caedrel". I don't want to do it, but I know there's no way out of this. LS repeats his demands: "come on caedrel, say it, you know we're not going anywhere". I let out a sigh, and reluctantly say "Renekton bad". LS laughs and walks away, and his little clowns leave me and follow him to the shadow realm. At least I'm free now.

I go to the class and I can't believe I have to deal with professor Phreak again. I can't sit through another lecture about trinity force and how to deal tons of damage. The kid sitting right next to me mumbles "bullshit out of context statistics". Classic Dom, he's clearly high on crack. The class is boring af. Eversince Tyler was expelled the school has been very quiet. I know professor phreak is happy about that though, there's no one left to make fun of him for having no mana.

After a few painful hours, the school is finally over. I go back home and my grandpa quickshot is sitting in the living room, going through a photo album. "Who is the guy in this picture?" I ask him. Grandpa smiles, looks at me and calmly says: "an old friend of mine, I miss him every day. His name was deficio, we've got a lot of history together". "What happened?" I ask. Grandpa closes the photo album and says: "life can be strange. Sometimes you just get backdoored when you least expect it. Go get some sleep kid, before your uncle Drakos wakes up again".

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I run upstairs to my bedroom. I close my eyes and hope for a better tomorrow.


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