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Abuse vision. Deceive enemies with false intent. Be everywhere at once.

Content of the article: "Abuse vision. Deceive enemies with false intent. Be everywhere at once."

One very underused tool for predicting enemy actions is reading their "intent." Intent is the body language of a champion, reading which way they are clicking and inferring what they'll do next.

Ex: If you see a top laner crash a wave and click towards their lane bush, they're probably gonna reset. If you see a jungler exit a lane towards river, they'll likely invade or take scuttle/drake.

If you prefer a video guide, here's the link to that: https://youtu.be/9i2DhC2Uj0s

We can make assumptions about what a player will do based on their last known location and direction. We also can use intent to give our opponents misinformation and show up in the last place they expect.

False Intent: While visible by the enemy, manipulating your body language & direction to mislead the enemy.

Here are the 2 primary times you'll have the opportunity to show false intent:

1) After leaving a lane (ensuring you're spotted by minions, a ward, or a champion)

– Channeling back as last minions die

As soon as the last minion dies, you'll disappear into fog of war. The enemy will assume you finished your back, and you can cancel the recall and make another play on the map without them expecting it.

– Exiting lane creatively

After ganking a lane, you can mislead the enemy by exiting in a direction you don't ultimately intend to go.

Ex: Jungler ganks mid, exits towards enemy red buff. The enemy jungler will be forced out of their red side jungle because you will (most likely) have priority mid, and they don't want to be collapsed on. You can then go solo drake with relatively low risk. You're creating map pressure with your intent rather than your actual positioning.

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2) After clearing a disabled ward

– Disabled wards grant 5 seconds of residual vision when attacked. So when clearing a disabled blue or yellow trinket (controls can't be disabled), you can walk in a different direction from where you want to go. After waiting 5 seconds, you can walk back through your original path after giving false intent.

– Control wards will also grant residual vision if they are attacked while disabling a nearby ward.

– Clearing a far sight or control ward without disabling it will instantly bring back fog of war

I hope this is helpful and gives you new ways to impact the map! 😀

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