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ADC is not in a bad spot

Content of the article: "ADC is not in a bad spot"

Can we discuss about overall state of the game? Each week I can see some threads stating that adc is in a bad spot. I've been playing ADC exclusively since season 3, been there in a good times, been there in a bad times. Currently I had a break between S10 and S11 (haven't played at all for 2 monhts), came back to the game and have already played around 30 rankeds as adc.

In about 80% of the games, I wasn't the reason for the overall outcome of the game. It didn't matter if I played great, if I shat the bed and make mistakes, if I made 9 cs/min, 5 cs/min, I was something similar to the Observer with maybe 1 valuable play every 5 teamfights. However the overall outcome (meaning win/loss) always depended of which one shot assassin or bruiser-melee-mage-tank-assassin got enormously fed and carried all tf's.

Then I started to think if adc is in a bad state (as I stated in season 9 and 10) and came to a conclusion that it is not. It is in a good spot (especially adc's like Caitlyn, Ashe, Sivir). Well, I won couple of lanes with Caitlyn, Sivir, Ashe, based on mechanics, but then when the late game came in I couldn't do shit against things like Kai'Sa (who basically one shot 16/3 Lilia with 2 aa's and 1 Q's while I threw 4 aa's (one crit), e with crit and q, and still did not kill her) or Samira. But I had fun in that. It really brought me to the early seasons where I had to position, where I had to make uninterrupted dmg, kite champions, and e.g. shoot freaking 16 lvl support Maokai with 10 aa's (two on traps) and dealing him maybe 40% of his hp. What was wrong is that he threw two saplings on me, taking 60% of my health and slowing me to death.

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So my point is, the meta is broken. If something can get 3 k health with tons of armor and mr, being underleveled (through playing botlane support) it can't deal 60% of health with two skillshots that are not even a skillshots. If something is losing a lane, having constantly 50 cs deficit against oponent, having 2/6/5 it cannot one shot 16/3/2 toplaner with 2 aa's and one Q. Let the teamfights be overextended, let the tanks be tanks, bruisers be bruisers. How many of you have played against tank malphite without even 1 AP item who just R, E, AA, Q, AA you and you lose 80% of health? The solution is not to buff ADC, the solution is to nerf everything else.

Do you think today Faker could outplay Ryu? No, he would die after R, one aa and Q from the shadow. No chance for outplay. If we will bring the game to the state where skillshots don't blow everyone in one second, champions like e.g. Dr. Mundo, Udyr, Warwick, Yorick, Tryndamere will be more loved.

Stop blowing champions in 1 sec. with 50% skillshots missed (if the champ is not overfed assassin). It is not fun.

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