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Announcing prediction tournaments, MSI edition!

Hey everyone! We're happy to announce that we're participating in the launch of reddit's newest feature: Prediction Tournaments! We'll be using them to set up a large prediction tournament for MSI, with grand prizes available for the top predictors.

What are predictions?

Predictions are a way for us to create polls with rewards. We'll be creating a prediction for every MSI game, and you will be able to vote on who you think will win the match.

To participate in a prediction, you need to bet some of your tournament tokens. Everyone starts with 1000 tokens and can bet 10, 30 or 100 tokens on their choice. All bet tokens are combined in a shared pool and distributed among the players that chose the winning vote. If you guess correctly, you'll end up with more tokens than you started with. Guessed wrong? Those tokens are gone.

The only way to get tournament tokens is by winning a prediction. You can't buy them with coins or ask us to gift you some. Once you're out, you're out.

Prediction Tournaments

Predictions have been out on Predictor for a while now already, but the real new feature is prediction tournaments. All of our MSI predictions will be part of a single large tournament, and your tokens are shared between all of them. To make the predictions a bit more exciting, there's also a leaderboard which shows the best predictors on the sub. We have some fancy rewards for those that manage to amass the most tokens.

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The three best predictors at the end of MSI, as shown on the leaderboard of the prediction tournament will be given some prizes. In particular:

  • First place: Ternion All-Powerful Award (5,000 coins, 6 months of reddit premium)
  • Second place: Argentium Award (2,500 coins, 3 months of reddit premium)
  • Third place: Platinum Award (700 coins, 1 month of reddit premium)

We'll also give you a special predictor expert flair, to show off next to your name for years to come!


One prediction thread will be created for each regularly scheduled match. You will be able to vote on who you think will win the match up until the first match of the day starts. In order to prevent spoilers, we will only reveal the winner either 24 hours after the match has finished, or at the start of the next match day, whichever is sooner.

Only regularly scheduled matches will be included. Potential tiebreakers will not receive a prediction thread. For best-of series, a single prediction will be created for the entire series (regardless of whether a team wins 3-0 or 3-2).

Links to the prediction threads will be posted in the live discussion threads, as well as a central megathread. All predictions will also be listed on the prediction tournament page (if you're on new reddit, there should be a tab on the main page saying "Predictions").

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The predictions tournament feature is primarily supported on reddit mobile apps and new reddit. You will be able to vote on predictions on old reddit, but you may need to switch to new reddit to see the leaderboard.

That is all, please check the reddit announcement or leave a comment if you have any other questions. Let the banter and hype begin!


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