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As a support main, it feels awful trying to gain gold after my item completes.

Content of the article: "As a support main, it feels awful trying to gain gold after my item completes."

This has been an issue for a while but it feels particularly bad now that mythic item passives incentivise gaining multiple legendary items.

Unless you're on a team that has a large upper hand in fights or you are yourself gaining a lot of gold through kills as carry support, I feel like I'm barely getting any gold once my item completes.

Shelling out gold on control wards is fine, and I understand that my items cost less than the average carry, but if the match lacks much combat or you start to fall too far behind, getting the gold needed to keep up with the rest of your team's needs can be really difficult.

I don't want to be taking gold of my lanes or jungle but oftentimes, the finalisation of a Redemption can be the just the edge your team needs to get back in the game.

I hate the feeling that I have no agency to gain gold outside of assists once my support item completes without directly taking resources away from my team.

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I don't have a solution to this problem but if my issues are echoed by others in the community, perhaps there are some among them that will have an idea worth trying.


I've noticed that some of the discourse is starting to focus on the power of supports as a position which wasn't what I intended.

I don't think that supports themselves are underpowered, be they carry supports, tanks or enchanters. I think that the way in which they generate gold feels weird when their whole income stream just turns off by the time lane is over. This effect is compounded as large scale team fights with multiple assist credits reduce contribution gold, so a team fight where multiple people are involved in every takedown nets you a pittance of income for your effort.

In situations where you're behind and, as a team, you want to play a bit more passive and farm up while avoiding fights, there's just not that much that you can do as a support to keep on top of your economy. The vision game itself actually costs gold so a war of attrition is even worse for the support role as resources are funnelled directly into control wards while return on that investment isn't even guaranteed or in some cases, even wanted.

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While I don't want to take away from the discussion I thought it would be wise to clarify my point a bit further after reading some of the comments.

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