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As someone who tries to be positive in game, something happened that really disgusted me.

Content of the article: "As someone who tries to be positive in game, something happened that really disgusted me."

For reference, I've been playing the game for a few years, and have been around High/Low Gold for this time. Although I like to play League a lot, I mainly see it as a way to destress from school and have fun. This has allowed me to see the game as what it is, a game.

In game, I usually try my best to be positive and non toxic (despite the occasional question mark pings). I usually don't type in chat, unless it's to say "nj" or "mb." Even if it's not my fault for something bad happening, I like to direct the blame more on myself so my team mates don't get too tilted with their own performance.

I play mainly mid/support, but recently I have been trying to be at least adequate in adc and top as well. Yesterday in ranked, I played Malphite top with a mid Yasuo against a jungle Nunu and mid Yone. Our team comp looked good, and I hoped that I could have some fun.

From the start of the game, Nunu started to camp mid. Yasuo died in lane a lot, due to the constant ganks from Nunu. Our jungler was doing pretty bad as well, and could not impact the game much. As a result, Yone got pretty fed and took over the game. My bot and I did pretty well since enemy jungle was focused on mid, but we couldn't carry the game. I didn't really say anything throughout the game, and we lost.

Surprisingly, our mid and jungler both did not flame anyone. Despite being really behind, they put all the blame on themselves, and apologized to the team for their poor performance. I usually don't see people admitting to their own mistakes and League, and it was a pleasant surprise. Yasuo in particular was extremely apologetic, and I could tell that he was really frustrated with his performance. It escalated into him saying that he was going to kill himself before the game ended.

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In post-game lobby, most people left immediately, leaving me, Yasuo, Yone, and Nunu.

Yasuo had just gone 3/14, and (after looking at his match history) had been on a bit of a losing streak. Having been there before, I tried to let him know that the game was mostly out of his control, and he did fine considering the circumstances.

I waited to see if he would respond, since he didn't leave the lobby. About 10 minutes later, he responded saying how frustrated he was about underperforming every game. Almost immediately after he finished typing this, Nunu started to taunt him and trash talking his performance, saying "get f*cked." I tried to let Yasuo know that he shouldn't listen to Nunu, but he shortly left the lobby. As soon as Yasuo left, Nunu left as well.

After that, it really made me feel disgusted with the toxicity of the League community. Someone really waited 10-15 minutes in post game lobby to kick someone who was already down. They waited until they were sure that the enemy would read their hurtful words.

I feel really bad that I didn't do more to defend Yasuo, and angry that some people would really try to twist the knife as deep into the wound that they can despite this being a video game.

Even though people will say toxicity will always be a part of League and games, I hope that there will always be people to try and stand up to toxic players.

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