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Aurelion Sol quasi-rework idea

Content of the article: "Aurelion Sol quasi-rework idea"

If you know any Aurelion player up close, you're likely to listen to a quite recurring plea: to revert the chap. Yeah, i share the sentiment, that toggle felt great, but understanding the reasons behind the update i can't quite agree on the full revert dream, despite too wanting something done.

Riot's mini rework were attempts to give Sol a reason to actually invest in Cooldown Reduction and some feasible source of mobility so he won't get automatically useless once the local assassin closes in. In that i can praise, but the loss of agency in controlling the orbit and it feeling more bursty than DPSy is somewhat disatisfactory for what was supposed to be a battle mage (aka an AP bruiser).

So i want here to try and combine his older functionality with the boons of his live form. Some of these might not even prove themselves necessary in context of new items (wink wink, Demonhelm), but they might be fun directions to be looked at in the future, specially since he (and Ao Shin) are the flagship for everything related to this end of year.

Then, to my takes:

P- Center of the Universe

NEW: the orbit speed of the stars is increased by your Ability Haste. Every 33% of this speed increase is converted instead into a new star.

Base damage reduced from 12~120 to 12~80.

Basically, Aurelion inherently URFs. Those extra stars he got to compete with the rampant spell spam of URF? They're there now, basically transforming the stat into 'attack speed' for you. Every time your "AS" gets high enough to just be another orb, it actually becomes another orb, just so we don't have to get seizures from 3 stars eventually spinning too fast. Enjoy the boop machinegun as it eventually transforms itself into a veritable constellation.

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W: Celestial Expansion

Tl;Dr: back to toggle format, so no movespeed bumps whenever it retracts

NEW: Aurelion Sol gains 5 +(Comet of Legend level)% increased movement speed while Celestial Expansion is toggled off and is permanently ghosted.

Similar idea to the live version but in a flipside execution. It is a smaller but constant speed amp for when your are either in "melee" mode or roaming. The toggle becomes a choice between reach + damage and the maneuverability to play as Wizard Singed. Ignoring collision is a little QoL for his positional needs, so you may sink into minions to keep your orbs optimal.

Aaaaand that is all of it. Sol doesn't really need power as much as he craves for usability and feels-good. Hope this can be inspiring.

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