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Aurelion Sol: The Forgotton Dragon Pt 2

I have already covered many points as to why Aurelion Sol is simply not in a good spot right now in my previous post, but I feel as though it has not been given the attention it quite deserves. Thus I will elaborate in this post on specifically why Aurelion Sol simply is not at the level he needs to be as a midlaner, and specifically why he's not up to par by the standards of midlaners as of late by comparing his numbers as I did not do in my previous post.

For those of you who may not have read my post, the previous points I explored on my previous post were:

  1. His lack of kit direction. (Somewhere between a burst mage and a battle mage, but an awkward combination that leaves him feeling lackluster.)
  2. His lack of decent itemization. (The removal or massive alterations of his core items like RoA and other tanky mage items without decent replacement.)
  3. His lack of any balance changes in several years despite major alterations to the game (for example, the nerf of roaming midlaners with the introduction of turret plating and quicker midlane waves that punish him much harder for roaming.)
  4. His clunky and weird kit that makes him completely different than any other champion as well as his higher skillcap mechanically, yet he does not provide anything better than any other midlaner that requires less of a skillcap to master.

Today, I will be discussing his numbers in comparison to other champions in the game. I have ran all of these champions under the same runes as to prevent the numbers from being unnecessarily altered, selecting only runes that would have no effect on the champion's damage output themselves.

Current screencap of Aurelion Sol's fandom wiki page.

Quite frankly, his stats aren't good. He has the same amount of resistances as the average midlaner and slower than average movement speed despite his entire kit revolving around movement, not to mention the fact that he just overall has lower damage early and late game than the same midlaners he shares similar stats with.

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But let me prove this with numbers instead of (assumed to be) known facts.

For the purposes of this, it is to be assumed that in each trial a full combo is one q, all of his W stars from a single W cast without moving to make them hit faster, one auto and his ult (if available).

In the case of a teamfight it is generally unlikely for Aurelion to hit every star, especially orbiting to make them hit faster and maximize damage. Thus, for the purposes of testing, I remained perfectly still to ensure the proper number of stars hit each time and triple-tested for accuracy. If your results vary, I did the combo as quicky as possible so Liandry's + Demonic procs may vary.

Full build is Liandry's + Sorc Boots + Rylais + Void + Demonic + Cosmic

Level (Points in each ability) Items Damage from full combo
Lvl 3 – 1/1/1/0 No items. 268 Damage.
Lvl 6 – 1/3/1/1 No items. 527 Damage.
Lvl 11- 3/5/1/2 No items. 930 Damage.
Lvl 16 – 5/5/3/3 No items. 1408 Damage.
Lvl 18 – 5/5/5/3 No items. 1528 Damage.
Lvl 6 – 1/3/1/1 Liandry's + Sorc Boots 900 Damage.
Lvl 11 – 3/5/1/2 Lia + Sorc + Rylai's 1633 Damage.
Lvl 18 – 5/5/5/3 Full build (See above) 2332 Damage.

For the first test, I will be comparing him to Anivia. Anivia is a mage that has built similarly to Aurelion in the past, and who I consider to be a battle mage. (A mage reliant on consistent damage rather than burst damage.)

For Anivia, assume a full combo is Q + E + 1 Auto + 4 seconds of ult timed with in-game timer. I'm not perfect at timing as I am human, but I went with an average after 3 tries on each.

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Level (Points in each ability) Items Damage from full combo
Lvl 3 – 1/1/1/0 No items. 283 Damage.
Lvl 6 – 1/1/3/1 No items. 691 Damage.
Lvl 11- 3/1/5/2 No items. 1140 Damage.
Lvl 16 – 5/3/5/3 No items. 1426 Damage.
Lvl 18 – 5/5/5/3 No items. 1434 Damage.
Lvl 6 – 1/1/3/1 Liandry's + Sorc Boots 1199 Damage.
Lvl 11 – 3/1/5/2 Lia + Sorc + Rylai's 1977 Damage.
Lvl 18 – 5/5/5/3 Full build (See above) 3128 Damage.

With just four seconds of her ult at full build, she nearly has 1,000 damage more than Aurelion Sol. Nevermind the fact that her abilities are easier to hit and more reliable than Aurelion.

Why is a champion considerably easier to play putting out more damage than he does, even if he perfectly hits everything?

In tests where I ran Anivia at level 6 with solely her Q+E + 1 Auto early game, she still nearly outdamages Aurelion Sol using his ult full combo without even so much as touching her own ult.

This just goes to show that, as a generally extended-trade based champion similarly to Anivia late-game, he has simply lackluster performance. Even using a suboptimal build for Anivia for consistency purposes, she still heavily outdamages him very easily.

Roaming midlaners are heavily nerfed as of right now, and if roaming utility is the goal then a champion like Twisted Fate simply outdoes him easily. Twisted Fate pre-level 6 does more damage in trades than Aurelion Sol and more reliably. Post level 6, he roams more efficiently and with less risk.

There is nothing that Aurelion Sol can do as a midlaner that other champions don't do infinitely better and more reliably.

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He doesn't feel as though he has a single winning matchup in lane, especially due to the new assassin meta.

I have explained many times before how his winrate being decent right now is inflated due to people who one-trick him being really good at him, and explained this also in my previous post. If you need more additional information on this, I heavily suggest reading my previous post as I will not be elaborating this in the comments section.

The champion just quite frankly isn't in a good spot right now, and deserves to have at least some recognition due to the fact that he still has yet to receive a change in well over a year, and even then he has only received two changes since his failure of a mini rework back in season 9.

For those of you who have read this far, thank you very much for giving me your time. ^^

If this post gets decent traction, I'll consider adding more champion comparisons in more detail like the one I did for Anivia.


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