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Black Cleaver Interactions: Why its not what it promises

Content of the article: "Black Cleaver Interactions: Why its not what it promises"

When i saw the additional BC effect added i was quite excited for implications on already avid bc users and fringe cases alike.

Testing it ingame however had me wanting for an Oh Wow moment and given the less visible nature of these stat-heavy effects i did some testing:This is some nitty gritty details-stuff,

TLDR: Black Cleaver is a buggy mess and doesnt work on passive DoTs.

To recap:

Black Cleaver

UNIQUE – CARVE: Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion reduces their armor by 4% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times for a maximum of 24%. Enemies with 6 stacks are Shredded.

UNIQUE – BUTCHER: Basic attacks on-hit and damaging abilities against fully Shredded enemies deal bonus physical damage equal to 5% of their missing health, reduced to 2% of their missing health for damage over time effects (0.5 second cooldown).

This is the Black cleaver description according to League Wiki (ingame there are slight differences in wording as the dot gating is mentioned seperately and as 40% of the damage but its identical in essence)

Now one could easily assume this to mean: Everything that applies armorshred (Carve) to the target now proccs additional physical damage (Butcher) when the target is already on max Carve stacks.

Well i am sorry to say it doesnt:

Most important exception is Passives: while dot passives like darius and talons apply Carve stacks in rapid succession they do not procc Butcher AT ALL (no not on a cooldown with 40%)

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Further exceptions are:

  • Lucians Passive triggers 2 on hit-effects, it triggers BC only once (for full value)
  • Kaisas Q (upgraded) triggers BC once for full value, and a second time after 0.5 sec for 40%.
  • Urgots W usually triggers on hits at 50% their value. It triggers BC on 0.5 sec CD for 40%.
  • Illaoi: Tentacles apply 40% Butcher procc (seems the DoT rule applies to pets too) and … well lets say the interaction with her E totally bugs out. Damaging the copy adds stacks to the copy and the target and the target transfers Butcher proccs (with the abilities percentage value) to the target. Tentacles hits however transfer two damage instances that are the same value and significantly lower (they look like 2 Butcher proccs (even on a single tentacle hit, but not the original damage tentacle) I might add a video for that if its of interest to anyone

Safe to say the Butcher passive works on different rules than the Carve passive but there are multiple problems with it:

  1. designated on hit proccs not dealing the damage they are supposed to (Lucian, Urgot)
  2. The Butcher description stating it proccs on damaging abilities, while it only proccs on physical damage abilities (if it doesnt trigger in the same manner as Carve does, this is misleading)
  3. Passive DoTs do not trigger it at all (so its not "on physical damage" either).
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1 is obviously flat out wrong no matter how you look at it, it should be fixed.

2 is just a matter of clarity and some way has to be found to clear this up.

3 might be a balance consideration but since liandrys and Demonic Embrace procc and refresh for ridiculous effect from passive dots, i think this one should be reconsidered. The item is a staple on Darius and it stating "applies on DoT damage for 40% damage (0.5 CD)" is quite a let down once you notice it doesnt actually work.

oh and someone should take a look at that illaoi mess…

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