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Challenger is in the sad state on EUNE

Content of the article: "Challenger is in the sad state on EUNE"

My last post was deleted because mods said i cannot show anyones names, so here i am again with names being covered.

I don't know who to talk to because Riot Support doesn't respond to tickets and nobody is getting banned and i know this has been happening for years, but this specific year everyone is on their toxic, inting rampage in Challenger on EUNE.

Right now, everyone is either wintrading, inting, afking, rqing or are toxic, racist etc. People with N words in their names and club names freely walk as well. No matter how many tickets i or the people i know send, we always get the same answer from Riot which is "This is an automatic response, the case will be now closed" .

Unless it's an automatic review like a chat restriction, the bot works sometimes but right now nobody is looking into it. I am not exaggerating when i say that queues are 20,25 minutes and after getting into the game you get to play it maybe 5 minutes tops before someone rq or starts inting someone he knows.

Those Challengers that i know have said the same thing, which is that even top ladder Challengers are wintrading each other so they swap rank 1s. This is something that is happening from Gm to Challenger very very often and it's not really hard to find out who is wintrading who, but for some reason nothing is being done about it.

Everyone has int lists and since the Challenger ladder is small, you get to face them almost every game (literally) . Even if you dodge, the queue times are so bad that you will wait for that 5 min penalty and get into the same lobby afterwords.

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Another big issue in Challenger for years now has been miss matchmaking where 1k Challenger would play against D1,D2 who was never above that respective division to get an MMR even close to Challenger. It has been happening even Platinum players ( despite being smurfs with 70% wr in Platinum) to be matched with mid Challenger. Makes no sense but in these divisions getting just one person who doesn't have the same knowledge as you and your teammates, will cost you the game and enemy will abuse that.

Here is the lobby i got after 25 min of waiting. This is something that's happening across all regions. I had to dodge of course at the last second because they weren't planning to. I have lots of SS but i don't want to spam it. Just need some confirmation from Riot if this is ever going to be looked into or not so i know whether i care about the game at all or abandon the ship.

Here is the 23 minute queue only to get into the game and play it for 5 minutes before someone decides to rage quit, or in this case an entire team

If you want to stream its impossible unless you have a delay for like 5 minutes, because people snipe every game if they know you and everyone knows everyone. In this case it was a snipe against Azzapp Velkoz main and a streamer. Often this happens to someone i know, another streamer Daveyx3 where would people dance around him or follow him through out entire game, just so they are seen on the stream.

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Account sharing or MMR boosting isn't even getting looked into . Having your summs changed by a mistake for one game can happen i get it, but if you swap for multiple games constantly while also changing the role you play completely or items is an indication that more people are playing on the account. But as soon as i report it, nothing is being done, tickets are closed as soon as i create them. Unless you type some words without being imaginative nothing will happen to you.

Missmatchmaking is another huge issue with a Challenger ladder and it wouldn't be that bad if those that are missmatched into your game just listen to calls or just play their best while not typing but often you would get matched as Challenger with D2s (often 1k Challenger with D2 50% winrate, who was never above D2 to get that MMR) and those players would just constantly flame. So you have to act like a parent in a video game to someone who is lover than you. "Please guys just play" "I know he did that , but play please it's very winnable" etc. You have to be a parent to 3 divisions bellow you and beg them to play the game.

I know EUNE is not the greatest server out there but right now it feels like a disaster. When changes are going to arrive i have no idea because right now nothing is being said from their side. I know Voyboy and many others already stated this so you know what i mean, but i had to join that train now.

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EDIT: Something very important that i forgot to mention is that since people as soon as they reach Master,GM or Challenger they would bank couple of games and not play for 10 days on the account or just move to permanently smurf. Smurfing ruins EUNE Challenger more than anything since it creates 2 problems : insanely big queues and missmatchmaking. This also creates frustration and brings toxicity.

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