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Champ concept: Ana’Tid, the parasitic void duck that is also a lawyer.

Content of the article: "Champ concept: Ana’Tid, the parasitic void duck that is also a lawyer."

Lore: he is a lawyer. He is a duck. He came from the void. He is also a furry. Sometimes. When the mood hits right. He is male, clearly.

But, the main thing, duck from the void, yeah.


Ana'tid is born form a question, that is basically "what would Yuumi be if she was a real motherfucking vam… champion?"

So i deviced a concept, and due to my art skills being so prodigiously elevated than mere mortals would die at its gaze (Read: i can't MSpaint for my life) i will spare you the imkage and let your minds do the dirty work.

WEll, the general idea is that of a champion that, Like yuumi, attaches to an ally. Unlike Yuumi, he has some agency and is permitted to take flash.

Passive- Void symbiont: The host Ana'Tid is attached to redirects part of the damage he receives to Ana'tid. The ally skills now cost some health to cast and heal Ana'tid for the same amount. This drain stops when the host is below 40% health. Ana'tid boot bonuses apply to his ally. Ana'tid can't use trinkets normally, as the 4 button is used to attach to champions.

Q- Proboscis: Ana'Tid shoots a tether in the target direction, that atacches to the first champion hit. The theter drains health, ehaling both Ana'tid and his ally for part of the damage, and has a max range of (500 + 22/25/27/30/33% of the host attack range). With extended range, the tether jumps from the original victim to anyone that shields, heals or buffs it otherwise, adding this ally to the chain and applying the same drain to them. (No, this skill was not specifically deviced to kill Yuumi, but it surely motherfucking helps)

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w-Void feathery skin: Ana'Tid shields his host for a % of his max health (+ap). This skill costs health equal to the max health scaling of the shield given. As long as the ally is shielded, they gain health and mana regeneration equal to that of Ana'Tid and a portion of his ability haste.

E-That's a long neck, aint it?: Anatid stops sucking blood from his ally for a brief moment to bite an enemy, healing himself, applying grevious wounds and slowing the enemy. If the enemy is thethered, it stuns it and all the other participants in the chain instead.

R- A real motherfucking champion: Ana'tid detaches form his host and builds an imperfect copy of the body for himself, with part of the stats of the original champion. This body is controlled by Ana'Tid, can attack and use basic skills. by pressing Alt+Skill, Ana'tid can use them normally. If Ana'tid detaches, the body explodes, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

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Skins: Yuumi Fursuit Ana'Tid.

So, rito, please, give us a void duck parasitic (Male) enchanter. One that is a real motherfuckering champion.

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