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Champion Roadmap April 2021 (Translated from Chinese League Website)

I used google translate and then manually fixed errors for your convenience.

Link to first post that mentioned this with a TL;DR:

Dr. Mundo is nearly done, preview images of 2 best skins; Yordle got delayed, her design is now a traditional mage instead of artillery; Sentinel of Light will come first, and it's a midlane ADC; early concepts of Udyr; New teaser of the botlane ADC which looks like Zaun related.

Link to Champion Roadmap edit: link may have gone down


Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since we officially started the return of the Ruined King in the last road map. Although there isn't much new information to share with you, there are indeed many updates to the content announced at the beginning of this year.

In January, we said that the three champions after Viego will also be related to his return. Gwen is one of them, but her future is still a mystery. She played an important role in this complicated story, but what exactly it is…we don't know yet.

Let’s pause the discussion about Viego, Gwen, and the Ruination for a moment. First, we'll take a look at Dr. Mundo’s VGU. Then we'll talk about the next two new champions, including the an update on the release date for the mysterious mage. Finally, we'll discuss Udyr's VGU, which was selected at the beginning of the year.

Enter the world of Mundo

It’s been a while since Mundo’s previous blog (this link is in English), and now we can finally say that the Zaun Madman will soon meet with you again. Thank you for your patience (this champion has too many skins).

First, let's share some of Mundo's new lines. Mundo's new voiceover sounds a little smarter than the current Mundo—this is almost inevitable, because Mundo's current lines can’t tell that he is a "doctor", let alone reflect his choice of treatment. They are even less likely to reflect the reasoning (although this is very suspicious) process when he chooses the treatment plan. But we have also mentioned before that we want to retain Mundo's dark and comical (…and very silly) personality, and his voice acting is an important part of it.

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Another piece of content we want to share before the official release is the final version of the concept art of the Rageborn Mundo. In the previous dev blog, we showed the finalized concept art of this skin, and now the skin is finished.

<image of concept art of Rageborn Mundo>

Finally his legendary skin, Corporate Mundo, also entered the final stage of polishing. We want to ensure that this skin meets the current quality standards and expectations of legendary skins. The team members are working hard in development on this. This funny animation produced by Drew "Sandwichtown" Morgan to boost morale illustrates this point well.

<gif of Corporate Mundo in a tiny red sports car zooming around a flat plane>

Okay, this crazy section is over, let's return to the dark and grumpy champions.

From street urchin to sentinel

In the roadmap for the 2021 season, we briefly mentioned a charming new hero, the Sentinel of Light who will join the rift this summer. Now there is more content available for sharing, which can be said in more detail.

The role of this champion is a mid lane marksman. Although champions such as Lucian, Corki, and Tristana also appear in mid lane, they are not similar to champions designed for this position. They lack some common characteristics of mid champions, such as specially designed roaming methods and (something I couldn't figure out). We think that the mid lane marksman can not only add a unique champion to the lineup, but also attract many players who like to use mid lane assassins or guerrilla fighters (bruisers?).

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Senna and Lucian are in a very bad situation right now, but there may be a new sentry to give them hope again.

Life is really troublesome sometimes

Yes, it is true, and so is video game development.

Last time we said that the new mage in the middle will be released before the marksman. Since then, we decided that this new grumpy Yordle needs more research and development time, because new technology needs to be adopted to make her source of power more visually convincing. In addition, with the development of her gameplay, she has gradually moved from an artillery mage to a traditional mage. She would still be furious at those mobile champions running and dashing around her, and that hasn't changed in the slightest. This is enough for her to show her true ability and give a good lesson to all the guys who smirk and run around like flies.

Despite the postponed release, the champion will still play an important role in Viego's story. After watching her in the shadows of Runeterra for a few months, he finally decided to get up and clean up all the messy colors of Summoner's Rift.


Many people know that Udyr won the vote for the player visual gameplay update held at the beginning of this year. Then we began to prepare a complete redo for the spirit walker. The current research and development is still in its early stages, so we don't have enough to publish an article for this, but there should be enough in a few months.

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We also want to share a few sketches drawn by Justin "RiotEarp" Albers to see which one can resonate more.

<sketches of Udyr>

See you on the Rift.

That's it for today's article. There will be more content to share with you when Viego's tale enters the next stage. After experiencing such a gloomy story, we must cheer up and prepare for the next chapter of this year. Ready to welcome the new marskman (this time on the bot lane) and a glimpse of the toughest race in Runeterra, no one will never give more than them.

Edit: Fixed some errors


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