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Charts for champions damage dealt, taken and more: 10.23 vs 10.22

Content of the article: "Charts for champions damage dealt, taken and more: 10.23 vs 10.22"

The following charts use data taken from Lolalytics, tier Diamond+, only the main role for each champion is taken into account (mostly for technical reasons, it happened to be the fastest way to gather data). This means that Maokai, Annie (and maybe other that I didn't notice), have data for different roles in the two patches, therefore their numbers should be ignored.

I will mostly look at adcs because it's the role that I know a little better, but the main purpose of this post is to share these charts and if you want some more with some data you are interested in just tell me and I will add it (keep in mind I have only the stats available in the box on the right side of lolalytics champion page).

This chart compares the total damage (to champions) variation from 10.22 to 10.23 for each champion

As you can see we find most crit marksmen at the bottom, together with some of the poke mages. Almost all the other roles got a damage "buff" (directly or indirectly, if you live more you do more damage and vice-versa).

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Damage Taken / Deaths variation from 10.22 to 10.23

Taking a look at crit adcs we can see that they are not actually living a lot more than before since they are not at the top of the chart. But this doesn't take into account damage mitigated by shields, so let's take a look at the deaths in each game:

Damage variation and (normalized) death variation from 10.22 to 10.23

This chart contains normalized death variation, a 0% death variation doesn't mean that champion dies less overall, but only it dies less than the variation for the average champion (remember almost everyone dies more often with the new patch). As we can see most crit adcs don't die less, this might answer why they are complaining a lot: they are dealing almost the same amount of damage as before while dying as much.

At the same time, almost everyone else deals more damage, giving the feeling of ADCs with a lot less damage than they had previously (which is actually not true, you can crunch the number of their dps and you will see they are mostly the same as 10.22).

PS: sorry for my bad English

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