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Chinese fan reactions to LGD vs. R7

Content of the article: "Chinese fan reactions to LGD vs. R7"

Taken from Hupu (https://bbs.hupu.com/38190904-6.html).

Thank you to /u/Lilyrose50 for providing the link:

As soon as Peanut lost the dragon soul, I turned off my stream.

EDG, finally a team has surpassed your mediocrity!

LGD even dared to skip a ban, I'm truly speechless.

Where did they get the confidence to skip a ban, their coach is a problem too Fuck, everyone says EDG's international play is garbage, but if LGD plays two more times, EDG's reputation will be washed clean.

LGD is perpetually a source of shame.

I can't believe Peanut, he still smiled when LGD lost.

When I saw that smile, I wanted to throw up.

LGD has been expelled from the LPL. The LPL now only has three teams at worlds.

LGD will probably become the first team from a major region in history to not make it past the play-ins.

Fuck, even NA, the bottom tier of the four major regions, haven't done something like this.

GTFO, your play is so weak, what are you even doing?

One plate of peanuts, four "vegetable dishes" ("vegetable", 菜, also means "weak" in Chinese)

There's not much left to say, if you exit now you can make it home in time for mid-autumn festival.

If LGD makes group stage, I will eat shit.

Looks like you won't have an opportunity to.

The other team gave you so many opportunities and you didn't take them? In this group, who else can LGD beat??

(A screenshot of a Baidu Maps walking route from the arena back to LGD's gaming facility) (https://bbs.hupu.com/38190904-5.html)

LGD should disband. The next season, I don't want to see those three letters anymore.

I don't even know how to flame them. I think they might not even be worth flaming.

There was an 11-to-1 payoff. Peanut probably bet on this game.

I formally announce that the LPL has been demoted to wild card status

Don't 'aoe' (I assume the poster is saying that LGD's struggles shouldn't be 'area of effect', or apply to other LPL teams)

The electronics factory is hiring!

(Picture of a panda covering another panda's eyes and saying "don't look, you can't endure it" (https://bbs.hupu.com/38190904-11.html)

My Chinese isn't perfect (I'm Chinese-American), so please correct me if I mistranslated something.

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