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Chinese Reactions on group draw

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Title: Twitter:This is TSM's greatest chance of advancing from group stage

¡ǝp ƃuǝɥs uɐɥz ǝʞ nq ᴉɥs pפ˥ uǝɯ oʍ (Explanation: Classic LGD God'v meme, pinyin of noone could beat us in reverse direction)

Group C is group of death and life at the same time

It's so similar to s7: WE,TSM,MSF,FW in one group, In the end, TSM get dragged by 0-5 FW , lose to Misfits in tiebreaker


Everyone thinks LGD gonna be happy after first two rounds, then instant attitude change in the third round

Group C is too ruthless, SN laughing while LGD crying

Actually not bad for JDG, they can only meet dwg in finals if both advance


Title: Among four lpl teams, who will advance in your opinion?

tes first place ofc,advance shouldn't be too hard for sn and jdg, the only suspense is in group C which LGD in

Replying to :Actually sn and jdg is quite hard to say,especially jd -> jdg can't beat these two noobs? don't joke, jdg can actually beat dwg.

Replyint to the first comment: Don't conclude too early, last year rng lose to their son,fnc


After the draw, every team in group c think that they can advance, that is actually quite scary if you think about it close

group c gonna be fun

group c actually is fun, if LGD makes it, the gap gonna be small, actual group of death


Title: EU casters: The god of bo1 gonna smash dwg and jdg

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Are eu teams all troller?

group b is also group of death, don't underestimate rogue, their carries are good, top/jg are roleplayer

rogue midlaner's quote seems quite familiar…


Title: MAD adc said that he will make into group d and smash deft and jkl

Culture is actually different, chinese perfers humble but not confident

Western brothers are so confident, I couldn't image xiye saying he will smash bdd,bjergson and sour king(nemesis).

If you got balls, play sona against TES

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