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Clement Chu gives insights into Chinese League of Legends conceptual terms and playing philosophies

On Twitter, Clement Chu tweeted a list of Chinese coaching/casting lingo:


Some bear similarities to concepts we know of in the West. Other are thoughts and terms that are unique to Chinese school of thought regarding the game, and I reckon could potentially bring useful terminologies and ideas into discussion within the context of Western schools of thoughts.

Clement’s tweets are as follows:

  1. With so much talk the gap between East/West this year. I'd like to share some of the common terminology in Chinese from coaching/casting that I found conceptually useful. Language can definitely help you think, so long thread ahead.(1/n)

  2. Another disclaimer before I continue, there is a lot of overlap and sometimes differences come from only connotations. I'll include the Chinese writing term for reference. (2/n)

  3. "后选/後選" "Reactive Pick" – Refers to a player/position having a pick after seeing the opponents pick. It's a broader concept than counter pick – which is often assumed to be lane counters. You can round out comp, pick smth that isn't countered etc. (3/n)

  4. "回合" – "Turn" As in turn to establish vision. Usually there is an ebb and flow with teams grouping/split pushing and vision being placed in different parts of the map. Having the concept of "Turns" allows teams to calculate how many turns and where vision should be. (4/n)

  5. "痲/麻" – "Numb" Used to describe situations where there is simply too much crowd control on the opponent side. Making a champion pick feel "Numb". Consider adding more divers or shift drafts. (5/n)

  6. "體系/体系"- "System" Usually translated to playstyle, system emphasizes resource distribution and how functional parts of the team come together. Rather than organic and holistic, systems are oftentimes designed and adjustable, which leads to different thinking on team-building.

  7. "殘局/残局" "Cleanup Phase" used to describe fights after the main engagement has already happened. Champions that are good in Cleanup phases are those with resets, low cooldowns, sustain and chase potential, Vayne for instance. (7/n)

  8. "菜刀隊" "Kitchen Knife Comp" This one is purely for flavor. Describes full physical/short ranged comps, that act crazy because they need to win early. Kitchen Knife is a frenzied, desperate weapon, which makes it so fitting. (8/n)

  9. "阵地战/陣地戰" "Pitched Battle" Teamfight scenario where both teams have time to set up, form ranks, and anticipate enemy approaches. Objective fights/sieges are usually such, and comps are better or worse at pitched battles. (9/n)

  10. "小团/大团" "Small fight/Big fight" Describes comps that want either want to fight with only a few against a few members or with everyone present. Split push comps often want 小团 on the other side, because they specifically drafted for 3-4 man combo fights. (10/n)

  11. "頭鐵BP/头铁BP" "Iron-Headed Draft" use to describe coaches that try to ram through drafts that have clearly failed multiple times. For obviously reasons, this is for casting only. (11/n)

  12. "進/进" – "Enter" A critical teamfight decision to commit to diving, as opposed to 拉 (kiting) or 打前排(just hitting the front line). Those are usually the three main modes on how to approach a pitched fight. (12/n)

  13. "先手" – "First Strike" The ability for a team to start a fight on their terms. A broad assessment based on range, engage tools, map mobility, map control etc. I like this term a lot, because in comparison, "they have engage" doesn't really mean anything most of the time.(13/n)

  14. "連動/连动" "Move Together(literally)" Usually translated as synergy, this term specifically means 特ability to synchronize map movements in game. Most common ones are 中野连动/野辅连动 mid-jungle/support-jungle "Move together". (14/n)

  15. "連洞" "Together Holes" A play on words from the previous concept because Move and Holes are homonyms. It means your pieces that are moving together are inting together. Obviously for casters. (15/n)

  16. "靠" "Shadow" Highest frequency word in mic checks. To position yourself in a way as to be able to support/have priority towards an ally if combat begins. Most early fights start based on if allies can 靠 or not. (16/n)

  17. "露頭/露头" "Showing" Phrase letting your teammates know you're about to step into enemy vision. If the jungler says I am "Showing", it is automatically assumed that your cross-map lane should play defensively. (17/n)

  18. "打一套" "Full Rotation(literally)" A type of trading where you dump all non-ult CDs on someone. This is usually shot called by a player rotating towards an ally, where you either intimidate or bait the opponent who doesn't have full information. (18/n)

So, what does everyone else think?


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