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Cloudtemplar’s Thoughts on LCK Regional Final(AF, KT, T1, GenG) ft. Pony

Content of the article: "Cloudtemplar’s Thoughts on LCK Regional Final(AF, KT, T1, GenG) ft. Pony"

CloudTemplar = CT

Pony = Casts LPL in Korea

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The video is uploaded on Sept 10, 2020


AF: Won against KT through clever lane swap

KT: Dissapointed that they didn't show anything new nor did they show the potential of KT

T1: Roster change raised the individual level but lowered the team's overal level

-Also lack of cohesion

-Roster change are their last-ditch effort/hail mary

-But people forget how out of form Teddy was when he played recently.

-All members underperformed individually

GenG: A stronger than all these three team. Went really close against DRX

-Rascal did well against Canna

-They forgot Clid

-Bdd shows great performance espeically on first time Sett mid

-Sett became a three(four?) flex pick through Bdd

-Life godlike on Sett

-Ruler godlike on Ashe Senna Aphelios Ezreal Anything


-Renetkon isn't a bad pick for T1 as they are focusing on bot. Renetkon is a great independent top lane

-Problem is that they didn't paired him with a AP jungle(first game) so Volibear have a easy time itemalizing

-Don't pick Kindered as a late game champion. Kindered need early game to scale.

-Cloudtemplar can't play Lee sin

"So it is basically, like all the bad things we said that could happen happened." -Pony


So last video I talked about the roster/lineup problem these three teams faced(KT, AF, T1) and that GENG are a much stronger team than them. So they not only have to beat other two but ultimately they also need to beat GenG. -CT

KT VS AF: Thunder Cross Split Attack

So to be honest it was quite a disappointing game from KT. They didn't show anything new and didn't really show their strength as a team. AF on the other hand show some interesting lane swap. -CT


So one of the biggest weakness of AF is how predictable their solo laner's champion is on draft. Like if AF picked Galio and Akali you would automatically assume Kiin is on Akali and Fly is on Galio. But the lane swap help mitigates that weakness. Of course it would be nice if the players can play both but it is a bit unrealistic especially in the case of Fly so this lane swap is a really genius move from AF. -CT


CloudTemplar can't play Lee sin

I mean this champion pool criticism exists for a while. Like people kept saying Cloudtemplar can't play Lee Sin…-CT


("Didn't you practice a lot with it?"-Pony "Yeah I did and I had a great record with Elise" "Also didn't they play trundle so you couldn't play Lee Sin?" "Yeah let's go with that XD")


Lane Swap

So lane swap can be a great way to distort your opponent and have an advantage on draft. The most successful example is probably G2 where you had no idea where they are going. -CT


So KT also did something interesting in the bot lane with Yasou/Senna. The reason why people pick Gragas with Yasou is because Gragas enable Yasou and allow him to do things he otherwise couldn't. Senna doesn't quite provide the same utility as Gragas. -Pony


So Aiming is like the Star player of KT and I don't like when people put their star adc on Yasou. I feel like team only do that when they are desperate… -CT


KT had a quite disappointing/uneventful split. Aside from Smeb coming back into form and Aiming doing well there is really nothing worth to mention about KT this split. -CT


This series also showed that there wasn't much difference in the jungler/mid in KT. The many mid/jungle swap showed to have little impact on the games. However, in the aftergame interview, they mentioned some injuries so that might have impacted the team. -Pony


Six man Roster

So the pro of six man roster is that when one member are not on form(or when meta doesn't fit) the other member can play until they are back. But the con is that you split practice time so sometime both can be bad. -CT  

And also when one member lose people will flame the team for not subbing player B in. And when they sub in player B and lose people blame the team for subbing player B in. In other word, nothing good come from losing. No one say you did a good job despite losing. -CT

T1 VS AF: The Return of the King

T1 Lineup

So when I saw T1's lineup the first thing I thought is "wow is Teddy's form that bad for them to put in Gumayusi?" Like sometime a player might play bad on stage but might perform well in scrims or the coach still believes in them. For them to put in a rookie in a such important series just how out of form does Teddy have to be? -Pony


So for the Gumayusi playing I think that they put in Gumayusi because of laning. Like laning was what Teddy have been struggling with. I think people making things way too complicated by talking about team fight, mechanic, and mid-late game. I think they simply put in Gumayusi because of Gumayusi are better in laning phase. -CT


As for Cuzz and Faker, they have been out of sync when they played recently. So I thought if Cuzz is going to play he is probably going to play with Clozer. -CT

GenG is the Final Boss

So I have been saying this for a while but I am going to say this again GenG are a much stronger than other 3 teams. Even if AF won T1 that doesn't mean AF would win against GenG. GenG is just much stronger than all those three teams. -CT


So in this series T1 have showed many good things. Their laning phase were solid and they generally played better than AF. But there were some parts that are a bit "shaky". -CT

Great and Over Expectation

So for rookies like Gumayusi we typically don't expect them to become number 1 as soon as they play. There is like a "rookie privilege" where people don't really expect you to do beyond what a rookie usually accomplishes. -CT


Like to be realistic, it would be nice if everyone is good as soon as they started but like in every field that simply isn't realistic. -Pony


So in this series, AF also tried laneswap against T1 but unlike the series against KT they struggled during the laning phase. So it would be nice to have a player that can go top,jungle,mid,bot,support but realistically speaking it is impossible to do so at a highest level. People usually specialize in one thing and you can't really play like a mid laner in top lane. This is truer the higher you go. -CT


So a lot of people are going to point out Chovy and how he succeeded going top. But that was after some preparation and after Doran are able to play they never did it again. AF only had weeks of time. Like sometime it is just better to switch champion than to switch lanes. Don't talk about SoloQ. Playing autofilled role in SoloQ and playing offrole in competitive are very different. -CT

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  So T1 Won But….. Okay laning phase is good. They are also playing aggressive, so good. But there are so many mistakes… Especially there were some weird objective decisions (weird priority/ordering/sequencing).

Gumayusi's first game

So Gumayusi's debut series was quite a success. He did well this series. I have been in this field for a long time but I think this is the most talked-about rookie debut in LCK. Like there was a lot of attention and hype on the rookie. -CT


I mean we will see but for the first series Gumayusi did pretty well. I have finished my analysis on Ruler(Pony). Yeah I have respect for Gumayusi and people like him that are bold enough to debut in such spotlight. For me as someone who have stage fright I would never have played even if they told me to. Yeah, a lot of people don't know but I actually have stage fright. I would have never played if I was him. So big props to him. -CT


T1 vs GenG: Hobbits Trilogy

So we have T1 who have won 3 World championship and we have GenG who went to World 3 times(technically). Those two team are part of League history and we have them fight for the last spot for Worlds. -CT


I think in terms of narrative this series are very important. Not necessary in term of competitiveness but in terms of stories this series is definitely the most exciting series. But disappointingly… GenG are very strongly favored in this matchup. -CT


So we have the top three of LCK: Damwon, DRX, GenG. GenG was really close with DRX where we wouldn't be surprised if GenG won and in fact the series was quite close. So GenG is definitely not a weak team despite losing to DRX. -CT/Pony


GenG has one of the best bot lanes in LCK and maybe the worlds. A few years earlier I would've said the world but recent world performance left me quite traumatized so I am going to aim low. -CT

Game 1

So just like what I mentioned in the AF series I feel T1's teamwork were a bit lacking and they were exposed in this series. Instead of one particular player doing bad I think the whole team wasn't playing well together.-Pony


So before we go into detail to pick/ban I think I have to said that T1 didn't lose solely because of pick/ban. I don't think they lost pick/ban that hard but it was more of a team difference. You are free to disagree and think that if they had a better draft, that if a particular play went well, or if a certain player played better T1 would've won. But for me I think it was more of a team difference. -CT

T1's Game 1 Strategy

So I think T1 is looking to break GenG's bot. Giving Gumaysui Aphelios and giving them attention so that he can outscale the enemy team. -CT


Yeah just like what Gumayusi said, "I have finished my analysis" T1 is clearly looking to win through their bot. -Pony

Guys don't be too serious. It is just some banter in mic drop(from Gumayusi) please don't get offended/mad because of the quote. And he did also said "Please go easy on me" so he is giving respect to Ruler. Please don't flame him. -Cloudtemplar


So I was puzzled about the lack of contest of Sett. Before coming to the series I always thought Life's Sett is picked or ban. And do you guys remember what I said about Senna? Senna is all about top. If your top is stronger than theirs then Senna is super strong. DPS have to come from somewhere else which is why Azir is often picked with Senna. They also picked Graves which also provide damage.


So from looking at other regions Ren vs Volibear has always been a Volibear favored matchup. If Voilibear is able to get bramble he can solo kill Ren. One way to counter this is by getting a AP jungler but T1 also had an ad jungler. Volibear then have an easy time itemizing which would make him unstoppable. Having an AD top lane also messed T1's AD/AP balance. -Pony


So people might be asking, "Why would you pick Renekton then???" Renekton is often picked as first pick because he is quite independent. Remember T1's goal is to break bot so they need a top lane that doesn't need jungle attention. Renekton also works surprisingly well as a bodyguard to carry. He isn't quite the level of Ornn but he does bring some utility to the team. -CT


And remember Volibear is a flex pick so they didn't know if he is going top or jungle. And to be honest the draft became very difficult for T1 as soon as GenG pick Sett and Voibear since they can flex multiple roles. Because of the threat of mid Sett they can't play pick like Zoe. -CT


Wouldn't Ornn be the better pick here than Renekton?

CT: I think in hindsight Ornn might have been a better pick. Yeah I agree with that

Pony: Yes but remember that Ornn have weak early game so Canna might have been even more behind if he picked Ornn instead of Renekton.



So something you have to understand about Kindered is that you cannot play her as a late game scaling champion. They are win-more champion(s) so you must win early game for they to function. (You also want lane priority -CT). The difference between team/player that can do that and those who can't are huge. -Pony


What T1 thought would happen

So what T1 thought would happen is that Renetkon are able to hold on his own at top, mid roams down bot with lane priority, bot able to win lane with help, and Kindered able to use that advantage to push even more advantage. Unfortunately, none of that worked. -CT


So do you guys remember the time BDD Azir went against Chovy Ekko and got schooled? Do you guys also remember failure is the mother of success? BDD must have went back and practiced super hard on that matchup. Which is probably why he picked Azir because he is confident in the matchup. -CT (In the game Ekko wasn't able to get priority because of BDD-Pony)


As for bot, Senna/Sett is actually not a weak lane duo. This is something that GenG have showed before so T1's bot also didn't get the result they wanted. -CT

Back to Volibear vs Renetkon

So yes Volibear is the favorite pick in this champion. But does this mean Renetkon can never 1v1 Volibear? I think it is much more correct to say "Renetkon work surprisingly okay against Volibear" rather than "Renetkon will 100% get rkted by Volibeat 100% of the time". -CT/Pony


The key to this matchup is the jungler which T1 falters in their pick/ban. The scariest part of Renetkon is the kill potential it provides to their jungler. Nidalee is a popular pick with it because Renetkon helps her land her spear which basically guarantees a kill. Usually, Renetkon is paired with a AP jungler to balance the AD/AP of the team and net an early kill top. -Pony


And the top lane didn't really matter that much it was all about bot lane.



So T1 aggressively pushed early to get lane priority but this not what they(Aphelios/Naut) should do. And because of this they lost level 2 and lost a big trade and GenG botlane was able snowball from there. And bot lane became a situation where Faker have to bail them out. -Pony


Another thing about Kindered is that you don't want to draft them into champions that can displace you out of your ult or champion that can get in your ult. Like if they can get in and get you out easily then your ult will just be abused. -Pony  

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Game 2

So T1's straetegy changed after game 1. Instead of trying to outscale GenG they deicded to play with a more aggressive manner. When T1 picked Ashe we thought it was a good pick and also to deny Ruler but also this also didn't reveal too much information. T1 then picked Panth and Jayce which shows that they are looking to dive and get an advantage that way. -Pony


When Sylas was picked the pick looked really shaky. People often see Sylas in highlights and think he is a really good champion but it really depends on the matchup and what ult he can steal. This similar to Jungle Karthus where the good games left such an impression that people forget it is not a blindable pick. In the case of Sylas if you blind pick Sylas it is really easy to counter. The biggest counter in mid would probably be Sett, Renetkon. -Pony


So we all know the result so we call criticize T1's draft but to be honest this game could've been a game where we all talked about how bad GenG's draft is if GenG lost. -CT


Okay so let's talk about the mechanism(the reason of the draft) of GenG's draft. So they picked Ez and Braum. Ez/Braum doesn't do well in lane in this matchup against Ashe/Panth. GenG's draft is about top side, picking Nidalee with Renetkon and Sett to ensure a top side advantage. This however could've backfired hard because T1 drafted a really strong early game. So T1 might have(and we did see some of this happening) been able to snowball top with a winning bot lane. -CT



So Braum is really not a laning support but a teamfight/late game support. You don't pick Braum to win laning phase. And he is really good at team fight he can peel and prevent enemy from making plays but he isn't that good in lane compared to other supports. -Pony


So just like what CT said GenG's top/jungle have a big responsibility to win top since their bot will not have lane priority. The key here is Bdd's Sett. -Pony


One defense of Sylas coming in blind is that T1 probably thought Life is going to play Sett. This is Bdd's first Sett game and I think it caught T1 off guard. So it was reasonable for T1 to blind pick Sylas since they didn't know Bdd could play Sett. -Pony


Just like how T1 drafted a strong early game GenG's draft scale better than T1. So like if the game went into stalemate then GenG will be in the advantage. -CT


Teamfight Tactic

Let's think about how T1's comp would team fight against GenG. It is a good practice to run a simulation when comparing the comps. What is T1's strength? Skirmish(less than 4 people ish),burst,… I think the biggest strength of T1 is burst. They got great cc chain potential and could burst people down easily. But then you look at GenG. Sett, Renetkon, Braum do you think they will die in one burst? Ezreal will play back and Nidalee will also support from backside. So teamfight(5v5) could be difficult for T1 later on. -CT


The reason why I think GenG's comp is not good is because they need time to scale and T1's comp is designed to not let the other team scale. Elise/Pantheon are very scary and can dive pretty easily. And they played well. They lost but they played early game well. -CT


The problem with T1's comp is that they can't make mistakes. Snowball comp are harder to play then you think. There is very little margin of error you can make. -CT


I think the turning point, the mistake that T1 made was when Jayce died despite knowing where Nidalee was. I think that death turn the snowball a bit "sour" and it all started to go downhill from there. Nidalee/Renetkon combo didn't get much success before that but that death really stopped T1's snowball. -Pony


But it is not that T1 lost through on one single mistakes. They made mistakes one after another. -CT


T1's Objective incontrol

So we have been criticizing T1's objective control and how they make weird mistakes around it. Their prioritization and objective sequencing is a bit weird and this loss is the fruit of it. -CT


So objective control is not simply "We should get dragon/baron here" but it is more about examining the champion's location and the strength of the team/comp and then making a decision out of it. -Pony


Spawn More Overlord

So the most disappointing thing about T1 is their lack of cohesion. As a team you are suppose to be in one mind, whether you baiting, team fighting, or retreating everyone should be on the same page. There is an overwhelming amount of time where each member seems to doing something different. This is a mistake that doesn't appear in strong teams. So that was really weird for a team like T1 with such a Caliber in late season to make these kind of mistakes. But then you looked at the lineup and everything make sense. Like how much practice do you think that lineup got? -CT


As an ex-professional speaking from experience the lack of cohesion is has no correlation to the strength of the team. Even bad team are still in cohesion. This kind of thing happen when you didn't play much with the team. If someone started a bad fight even bad team would fight as a whole. It is actually really hard to play with someone new in the team and it need time to coordinate. -CT


What we are saying is that maybe the roster change raised the individual skill level but it might have lowered the team's overall level. And GenG isn't a team that would let those mistakes go unpunished. Ruler was weak the whole game then after those mistakes he was able to become godlike and no one could stop him. -CT


So Effort as player ever since he debuted have always been an interesting player. Out of ten game he would do really well for 8 games. But then we would have these kinds of games where he makes mistakes that no one really knows why. It is not a dice roll with high high and low low. I don't think that describes Effort. He is more like a machine that break down once a while. Effort is a good player overall but they really need to fix this issue. -CT


But this might have also tied with the team. Like if Effort goes in will his team go in too? Especially with this roster change, I think the lack of back up to Effort affected his mentality and play. -Pony


Let talk about the general stuff after the games. Now let's talk about the specific game. -CT


Game 3

I think Life is really thankful for the team. Because of the team Sett is a three(four?) flex which allows him to play more Sett. -Pony


T1 this time was able to pick up an AP jungle to pair with Renetkon which is very important for Renetkon pick to work. -Pony


So this game T1 was able to pick an Ap jungle completing the Renetkon pick, Oriana which doesn't have a weak laning phase(contrary to popular belief), and a strong bot lane. GenG also had a okay draft but T1 seem to be favored in bot matchup. Looking at this T1 didn't play with a big draft disadvantage. -CT


A lot of people are going to criticize the Alistar pick but in the game T1 had success with the pick. Yes Sett can ult Alistar but Alistar can also deny Sett(and Ekko) and protect their backline. -Pony

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As for the Aphelios pick I think he is the best of adc out of the ones that are not banned. He does have really good thing going for him but he really isn't a good first pick. -CT


Life Sett was really good this game. In fact I think both support did really good(Yes Effort did good this game). But Life's Sett was out of world this game. He really feels unstoppable with the pick(LvMao come out-Pony) -CT


This game was really simple: they lost a few important team fight and lost from there. -CT


So the big turning point of the game is when Volibear and Ekko got too big. Orianna wasn't able to stop Ekko from growing and this became a big problem. Because when Ekko or Volibear go to sidelane no one from T1 can stop them. If Orianna follows Ekko then she have to stay near tower becaue GenG or even Ekko could pick her off. Which allow Ekko to push and roam. And just like Orianna, Renetkon can't go too far and had to let Volibear have push priority. This really limited T1's Macro. -Pony


T1 Mental

One thing that is a bit sad about this game is that you can feel T1's mentality collapse as a team and also as an individual. The game didn't had that big difference there was a couple 4:5. But it's like their confidence are lost. -CT


Let's look at the dragon soul fight. If you ask any military strategist you will know how to retreat is a very important part of the battle. Just like how you have to attack as five you also have to retreat as five. But T1's retreat show me just how lost they are and how disconnected they are as a team. -CT



-T1 Lack cohesion: T1 individually might be good and they also have some good moments. But they ultimately lost to GenG's teamwork and unity. -CT


This was also true to GenG when they keep swapping Life with Kellin and vice versa. But this summer split they locked in Life and stuck with it. So T1 shows the consequence of roster changes while GenG shows the payoff of a locked roster. -Pony


-Individual mistakes: So Effort made a lot of mistakes, Faker made some super play but also made mistakes himself, and Gumayusi,Canna, Ellim didn't have much of a presence in the game.


-Why teams have a locked roster: T1(also AF,KT) shows us why team have a locked roster and at most only have a six man roster. Practice time, resource allocation, and etc all take part of this decision but synergy is also a big part of the reason. Synergy is something you have to build with time. Sometime in game you don't have time to make a call. Sometime you don't have time to say anything and you have to play around your team mate with only some eye contact and how they move the champion. -CT


To expand on that sometime you don't have time to yell "I am going to engage" before engaging. Some decisions have to be made in an instant. But some team can know they are engaging just by looking at how their teammates move their character. After a while you can tell what your teammates want to do just by looking at their character. -CT


If you look replays and how player call during team fight. You would realize they don't really say what they are going to do but only a glimpse of what they want to do. Sometime they do say it but most of the communication is often short because they know the team know what to do. -Pony


This need time. There are some team that hit it off quickly and also some team that never hit it off. This is where coach's skill shines and this is where coach's ability shines. -CT


So Why Did T1 Change Their Roster?

Okay, let's see if people still remember what we talked about in the beginning. ("QUIZ TIME"- Pony). The reason why T1 changed their roster is because GenG is a strong team. T1 was struggling in laning phase so the roster change was to mitigate that and help them to at least survive laning phase. 'Yes team synergy might be lower but this might be our best chance' is probably what T1 thought. -CT


Of course we can all go hindsight analysis and say that Cuzz, Teddy should have played but people forgot how out of form those players were last series they played. It was a risky move and unfortunately for T1 it didn't pay off but it wasn't a baseless move. -Pony/CT


For me personally though. Just like how I always talked about how crucial Faker's experience and the clutch factor is to beat strong team. I think it was too hard to put rookies on such an important series. -CT


Of course the rookies learned a lot but the goal wasn't to grow the rookies but to win. It would be a different story if it is Spring. But at the same time Teddy seems to be really out of form too. -Pony


Again To Reemphasize

I think we have to re-emphasize this again. GenG is a much stronger team than all these three teams. They had time to prepare and didn't have a roster problem. No matter what T1 do they will never be favored in this matchup. -CT


And it is not like it is all the rookies' fault. Canna who has been the vital member of T1 struggled this series against Rascal. Effort had a good game on Alistar but he also struggled the other two game. So it not just they made mistakes as a team but they individually also made mistakes.


I am really impressed of Rascal. To be honest he really never performed well in the teams he had been. But since MSC and spring it seems they made a conscious effort to improve him. He really showed up this series and seems to be able to not only play weakside but also top die side. -Pony


Going with what Pony one of GenG's biggest criticism is their over-reliance on their mid/jungle. But this summer split bot lane came back on form and top lane also got better. And Geng became a stronger team through it. -CT

The End

So in the end Damwon, DRX, GenG advance and goes to Worlds. We will talk about how we think they will perform in worlds next video so stay tune. Thank you for all fans for watching and all the players and coaches for playing this split. -CT


Outro: https://youtu.be/TL9byOLq4fg?t=5165

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