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Detailed list of what makes the new shop frustrating to use.

Content of the article: "Detailed list of what makes the new shop frustrating to use."

1. Less space for the item descriptions. You now have to scroll for a huge amount of items if you want to read what they do in the shop which is especially annoying since they just added a bunch of new items and changed old ones. Specifically we went from 15 lines and ~70 characters per line to 8.9 lines and ~45 characters per line.

2. There is a huge amount of dead space right above the small description box most of the time. The only item that actually needs the full space is Muramana.

3. Some additional item description is dark gray on dark blue.

4.Only icons instead of words for the stat filters (unless you hover over them). A quick google search suggest that people generally recognize words faster than icons unless it's well established icons such as a cogwheel for settings (couldn't find any of the actual research but saw people talking about it being well researched so if anyone happens to have that on hand lemme know since it seems kinda interesting).

5. Despite how the search bar pop up and generally most pop ups work, the builds into +n pop up does not close when clicking anywhere else on the screen. It even persists after closing and reopening the shop.

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6. Hovering over your items in the the pop out inventory in the bottom left of the shop does not show how much the item sells for.

7. Pop out inventory has dead space for the sole purpose of being lined up with the other pop out menus despite the fact that you can't even have two of them popped out at the same time.

8. No option to disable automatically filtering items by your champions class at the start of each game.

9. The class filter behaves differently from the stat filter. Clicking on a selected stat will unselect the stat but clicking a the selected class does not.

10. Item sets have dead space on the left where the stat filter would be.

11. Why do boots have a permanently visible pop out menu that you will generally only interact with once or twice in a game?

12. Future market's debt limit no longer visible in shop.

13. Search bar is just a mess. Missing some anti heal items when searching for "grievous", lists even less if you search for "grievous w" and doesn't list any of them searching for "grievous wounds". Also doesn't list heal amplyfing items when searching for "heal and shield power" anymore.

14. Search result order is not based on alphabetical order, price or recommended items. No clue what it is actually based on somebody let me know if you figure out.

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15. Search results are displayed in a 1 item wide list. Don't have a screenshot so I could be wrong but I believe the old search results had 2 items per row. But at least I can now look at the same item description 3 times at the same time.

These two are hopefully just bugs so they don't really count but:

The purchase button only updates state when you select an item so you can sit in base with enough gold and the purchase button won't work unless you click on an item (you can still right click to buy though). Also the purchase button will light up even if you do not have enough inventory space to actually buy the item.

tl;dr: I'm just not used to it.

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