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/Dev: Dr. Mundo’s Rework News was posted by LoL BR and was taken down but here is the full post

Content of the article: "/Dev: Dr. Mundo’s Rework News was posted by LoL BR and was taken down but here is the full post"

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Dr. Mundo is still on the operating table, but it is time for another routine evaluation.

Hey guys! It's been a while since we shared our progress on Dr. Mundo's update, and we have a lot of new things to show. Production is in full swing, so let's take a look at the newest models, animations, visual effects and sound effects. Then, let's take a peek at the Enraged skin.

Before we start, let's remember what we already share.

Health professional passing

We have established our three main objectives for updating Dr. Mundo:

    1. Improve the look and thematic of the World, not only to improve its appearance, but to follow the visual style that LoL has adopted in recent years.
    1. Enhance his kit, but maintaining his stamina, regeneration and the ability to go throwing cleavers around.
    1. Keep the world as a simple champion.

One of our first challenges for the world was to find the right dose for the theme of doctor. Is he a brilliant doctor who went crazy or a "brilliant doctor" who was already mad ? We read several comments in our first post and saw that the most important thing for many people was to keep the World as a fun and funny Champion. So, we followed that path. Our goal is for the World to represent "dark humor", something we think is unique in the list of LoL Champions.

With regard to game mechanics, we tried a few things with the World kit, but what stood out the most was making it an extremely difficult Champion to contain. Immunity to any type of CG is quite a power, so to balance it, the World will continue to be a champion without mobility or heavy CGs. And, of course, he will still throw cleavers.


Finally, the last time we shared the world’s conceptual arts, you commented that his hair was too tidy. We discussed it as a team and agreed, so we made him a little more nervous.



Doctor crazy genius escapes

Edgar “SpaceReptile” Monteon, Character Artist

Speaking as a character artist, being part of the World development process attracted me right away.

The visual process started with conceptual art, to establish the character's identity. So these visual elements were "digested" (so to speak) and then highlighted. In the end, I spent enough time creating the sandals, bottles and torn clothes from the World to end up completely immersed in the story that his look tells. For me, this immersive experience is the most inspiring and fun part of all, and it is what I want to share with you.

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Creating the new model and textures of the World is like preparing the ground for other areas (such as animation and visual effects) to expand it even more. It is also necessary to consider how to do to maintain what we like in the old model of the World. From a visual perspective, the World is a bombastic character that does not fit in the clothes he wears and, for me, this is what makes him more threatening and powerful.



In the new world, you can see that there is more room for dynamism. He wears soft sandals, and the animations have multiple layers of personality. It is evident that the world underwent a series of modifications and then escaped from somewhere. The type of clothing the world wears, as well as his weapons, are clear signs of his recent past, and it was a lot of fun to paint the details that underpin this story.


Absurdly abstinent and highly terrifying

Drew “sandwichtown” Morgan, Animation Leader

During the first stages of exploration, I wanted to take advantage of the silly way of the World and had fun trying to find out how far I could take this bobajada. Part of what makes it unique is the enormous stupidity, so it was a breeze to explore the dimension of that stupidity and weirdness. But we knew he needed to look dangerous, so the real challenge was finding a balance to make him highly terrifying without losing his caricature. Most of his game mechanics were made to be heavy and strong, but here and there there are still some moments of lightness.


Originally, his Q would have been a jump shot, which was great, but it looked very cheerful and carefree. In the current version, he makes the pitch willingly, slowing down just to catch a breath at the end and continuing to walk right afterwards, while pulling out a new weapon from his bag. Keeping him striding through the pitch makes him appear determined and unshakable. Always moving forward.

However, the way he attacks the tower highlights his stupidity and inability to feel pain …


The emotes will show a more silly side, but the main animations will feel their unshakable brutality. The world is not delicate and never hesitates about anything. He doesn't know how to contain himself, which is why his movements always need to be linked in 220. That's what makes him so dangerous.

Chemically improved physique

Jason “LankyTree” Chisolm, Visual Effects Artist:

As a LoL player for a long time, AVMs are among my favorite projects, especially when it comes to champions as illustrious as Dr. Mundo. I like to start each and every project with some pillars of visual effects, which will basically serve as guidelines for me. Each effect I make must reinforce these pillars and be guided by them.

One of the main pillars of this project was the "chemically improved physique". I wanted to emphasize the absurd strength of the world and the complete disregard for pain as a result of experiments and chemical increments. The greatest example of this is the world's ultimate. It is an extremely remarkable moment in which we can see the World transform into a monster that regenerates Life. It is something that the team really wanted to be highlighted and attracted a lot of attention.

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So, let's take a look at the World bag full of unstable chemicals and medical tools to see how it's done.


How do we highlight such a huge transformation? It's simple: we make it big enough to tear the shirt, leaving it in pieces and sending the buckles flying. Then we overload it with some good old zaunite substances. It is so saturated that they evaporate, enveloping it in a cloud of gases. What does not evaporate flows to give the impression that it is soaked in all these substances.

The sounds of zaunite substances

Jayvon “Riot Jirsan” Rymer, Sound Designer:

As with other AVMs, it is always cool to compare what we had before with what we are trying to do with the Champion. With Dr. Mundo, I wanted to keep some of the aspects that people already know, but also to further enhance his strength and physical appearance. The idea was to create the feeling that you are fighting a gigantic force that only gets stronger over time. The other areas had lots of cool ideas for muscle expansion and size, so I made sure not to let this go unnoticed in his skills.

I had a lot of fun while exploring the sound of the zaunite substances he uses. I tried a lot of different things, like listening to ice processing to see what tones I could find, dropping ice cubes in a pan overheated with oil and even reprocessing chicken recordings from our library to get some cool sound textures. There is nothing ready to be shared yet, but here is a compilation of some of the elements I obtained during these experiments.

One of the skins

Sunuman “KindLeJack” DePandito, Amateur Surgeon:

I already said that once and I will say it again: there is nothing more cool than completing a Champion update, opening the skin catalog and seeing the enormous potential that is there! At Riot, we put a lot of emphasis on "community-oriented thinking", and I think little reflects this more than taking all the love and learning from years of experience and putting them into an older Champion's collection of cosmetics. The newer skins are packed and adjusted to work with the new design, and that in itself is a victory, but the older skins are the ones that really need to come out of production ready to blow everyone up.

And speaking of that …


Ready for the Rift Adventure PvP Invitational tournament, here comes the Enraged World ! Today, I wanted to share a particular skin from the incredible collection of the World that got a home to call its own in a new themed skin with history. The "Red World" is back with a more daring finish. Paying homage to classic fantasy, but updated for the new version, Mundo burns with the fury of a berserker while leaving the remains of towers on their way to victory. Not even adorable necromancers are safe!

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Exam completed

That's all, folks. As always, we will keep an eye on your opinions and comments, so put your mouth on the trombone! This will be the last post on AVM in the World, and you can wait for him on PBE in a few months. Until then, good operations!


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