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does someone at the balance team main Camille?

Content of the article: "does someone at the balance team main Camille?"

we're reaching critical mass with Camille, the champion has not just one of the best top laner even in lower elo for over a year now. but she has been the #1 top laner in high elo for even longer than that and they refuse to nerf her, the champion is absurd and will kill squishies while they are stunned with her E. her Q does as much damage as a really fed chogath rank 3 R after she gets a couple items .

the question is when are we going to see the nerfs. its getting absurd. watching her in pro play is incredibly toxic too, she gets ganked about 30 times in a game and she usually has the fewest deaths by the end of the game because of how long her E dash is. I really don't think it needs the stun, and her shield combined with the fact that shes a dps carry bruiser is just obnoxious, shes way too tanky giving her invulnerability should have been enough. usually a feature given to assassins and not bruisers. but she somehow gets a shield too

theres a reason she has literally no counter picks in pro play and high elo. nothing counters her and she can shit on everything. you can't deny her farm and her trade pattern of slowing you with W then autoing and running away like a bitch is not fun this is not even mentioning her Q.

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I was watching LPL yesterday 369 on Jax traded with her like 3 times and came out ahead. used his E. all his refillables. and she was at like half health and he was at like 80% health, she Wd and Qd him and her health went upto 70% and he fell to half. in like a second this was at like level 5

there is not really a way to outplay her. if you dodge her E she will R your combo that your preparing as a counter. mind boggling design to give her so many levers

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