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Does someone high up at Riot just hate the League balance team?

Content of the article: "Does someone high up at Riot just hate the League balance team?"

I know people who are in charge of balancing champions in League get a lot of flak for doing a poor job, and honestly, a lot of time it's deserved. But really, their joh is hard. Very hard. And lately it seems like someone is really trying their best to make it harder. It all started when Sylas was released, almost 2 years ago.

For 9 years, League's balancing team was used to balancing every champion's ultimate around the strength of the rest of their kit. Champions with strong basic abilities had weaker ultimates, champions with weak kits had stronger ultimates, champions with no hard cc in their base kit could afford to have an aoe knockup in their ult and so on. Sounds simple, right? Maybe too simple! Why not give these guys a challange, and have them balance every single ultimate in the game both around their own kits and the kit of a completely unrelated champion, that's also made to work without an ultimate.

Then came Yuumi. You know how enchanters are extremely strong and are only balanced because they are extremely squishy and have no escapes? Well, here's one that's untargetable!

Then they came up with Senna, a support that they came up with when someone remembered how Thresh used to be semi-viable as both support and adc for like 5 minutes, and decided to make a whole champ based around that concept. What's that? Making a champ simultaneously viable in the 2 most different roles in the game, while not too good at either is kinda hard? Oh, someone will figure it out eventually.

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And finally, the last champion of 2019 was Aphelios, a champ so complicated that every person who ever plays against him has to memorize a novel-length wiki page just to know which of the 90 things he can do is gonna kill them and their entire team in the next 3 seconds. Cause if balancing one champion is hard enough, then 5 for the price of 1 must be a bargain.

In 2020 it seemed that the monkeys throwing poop at a wall to decide the next champion's dumb gimmick had finally taken a chill pill. Sure, Yone and Samira were both ridiculously overtuned on release, but at least they're straightforward enough. Then came the new items. And holy shit, they're a nightmare.

You know how there's a whole class of champions whose entire identity is based around being extremely strong but immobile? Fuck you, they all get dashes now. Invisibility is an extremely powerful mechanic that only a handful of champions have access to. At least until preseason when every single champion with ad scalings can pay 3k gold for the privilege of making Kha Zhix obsolete. And does everyone remember how cdr has been capped at 40%(or 45%) since forever? Well, not anymore. Cause what could possibly go wrong with Morgana having a 3 second root on a 3 second cooldown.

Seriously, all jokes aside, I think some of the new items are cool, and I think it's great that Riot is still making big changes after 11 years. But the fact that they continuously prioritize ideas that look cool on paper without giving a second thought to how they impact the game seriously worries me.

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