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Foggedftw2 challenger player DOMINATED gold 4 fiora player today

Foggedftw2 was smurfing on his stream today, and while I understand the need to smurf. I dont understand the bashing and attitude of him towards an obviously pissed Fiora Gold 4 player. All this while chat is laughing that Fiora only has 14 CS against a CHALLENGER PLAYER. No shit she only has 14 CS.

"I made 1 change with my setup of grasp against a Fiora matchup, I took double adapt force, and it really helped my short trade matchup, and it caused this Fiora to basically rage quit, but still kinda playing. "

>Yeah dude that was definitely it, that change def made the gold 4 rage quit. Its not the fact that you are a challenger player, its the fact that you went double adapt force.


Foggedftw2, challenger player, when talking about a GOLD 4 FIORA PLAYER: "I actually just dominated her hard, all this and it was an ignite Fiora and I had no sums lvl 2 when I killed her, and she had double sums. She just got out-traded"


>Oh wow, the challenger player out-traded a gold 4 player who wouldve guessed? But she had 2 sums, so I guess its equal now? All this while saying that its a FIORA IGNITE- damn what a scrub. She does deserve to get dominated by a challenger player. I mean its fair now, she was after all, a fiora ignite. I think the order goes: Fiora Ignite (Any elo) = challenger player > diamond > plat

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All this while fiora is complaining in game chat saying that she is just going to sit tier 2 towers and eat her lunch, she probably even got reported by her teammates for not wanting to play against a challenger player bashing her in his stream. Imagine that.

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