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Further Dr. Mundo Analysis

I've never met a Dr. Mundo player that doesn't have a PhD in Astrophysics, Sub-Atomic Molecular Cloud Theory, or even Anti-Diaphobic Endormatic Cybernetics haha. So I figured I would share some of my work on Dr. Mundo analysis, since I just completed my PhD in Meta-Statistical Physics with a focus in Swarm Intelligence. Most of this will be easy reading for any Dr. Mundo one-trick.

Now I think it's clear that every Mundo player will understand the relevant philosophical undertones of using the "Q" ability in-game. I have charted the theoretical regulatory trajectory of the cleaver, adjusting for the orbital path of most macro-particles within 15.3 quintillion miles of my current position (most Mundo OTPs prefer a minimum of 16.8 quintillion, but I am not an OTP, just a PhD student). With the help of my colleague Sheriff B, who recently finished his post-grad research in Reverse Antamological Cognition using Integrated Information Theory at MIT, we've developed a hierarchical Bayesian model to map the trajectory onto any known space below 10 dimensions. Before the comments come in criticizing my choice to not use the full 12 dimensions, let me at least present the model. It involves independent, non-identical Gamma distributions, where each parameter is a hyperparameter in the next level of the model. After the 10th dimension it then circles back to become a recursive hyperparameter of the first layer of the model. Thus we have a cyclic Gamma-based Bayesian model (obviously).

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Below are the relevant equations for this model.


The comments will likely say this is "a relatively simple model" with likely no new contribution to Cleaver Trajectory Theory, which has been solidly established since the dawn of Mundo-mankind. But allow me to persist. The Bayesian architecture embedded in this model may inevitably lead to new postulations concerning consciousness theory. After exploring the eigenvectors of the multi-root polynomials derived from the Jacobian (inference using a Weibull estimator), which of course was extracted from the third fundamental Euclidean identity, we have come to the meta-physical conclusion that the same flavor of consciousness at the core of qualia and related self-awareness is also included in the Cleaver. This could be a shallow conclusion of course, since the future philosophical pathways which rely on this new information may lead to dead ends.

I am curious as to what Dr. Mundo one-tricks will think of this hypothesis, and how it will effect the research being done on Cleaver Theory. I ask that you contemplate the culmination of this conjecture, and please provide a light critique. I understand that for most Mundo OTPs, this is simple mental math and deduction. However I appreciate your attention, and of course I look forward to your replies.

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