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Happy Birthday to the Shovel Monk, 9 Years ago Yorick was released.

Happy Birthday Yorick – June 22nd 2011

Yorick Collage

He's now 9 Yrs old, he was released with 2 skins, Pentakill & Undertaker and has only received 2 other skins ever since, Ontop of that he's been gutted years ago but I still love him <3
I still remember when he received Meowrick, I was happy and colored a fanart of his as Thanks.

Ty Skin Team

Now these days he's still a monster splitpusher despite all of the Splitpush itemization being removed and only really shines with his mechanics on his Ghouls & Maiden being able to push sidelanes, but I still miss most Raptor Cloak items, let's hope this pre-season brings forth new items.

RIP Zzrot

I'm a 1.9M Yorick main that plays a few other Juggernauts aswell, Here's an Old Picture since then mixed with the new one now. but it hurts to say that Yorick feels like shite these days..

Filthy Toplaner Certificate

The main reason is due him having a LOT of counterpicks / Bad Matchups that have gotten more buffs throughout the years as he only receives QoL Buffs but mainly receives DMG Nerfs.
Even next patch he's getting a QoL Buff so Maiden doesn't Suicide as much anymore.
Which is a mistake of the balance team making him so exploitable while being weak.

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Yorick DMG Nerfs

Today's his birthday and it reminds me so much of how much the Yorick mains just wish for him to strong somewhat like the Old Yorick by having an actual passive in DMG Reduction based on number of ghouls out, Different type of Ghouls, Stronger Slow & Heal, etc. But Alas Poor Yorick.

I'll end this with one of my Favorite Yorick Quotes: "I do not live in hope. I work to return it."

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