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Having an actual story arc throughout the season is really exciting

Content of the article: "Having an actual story arc throughout the season is really exciting"

I criticize League a lot, but I must say that its been a while since a season made me this excited. We didn't really have many story events before, the Bilgewater event was cool, Gangplank missing from the game because he was "dead" was certainly interesting, but since then, we never had anything that advanced the story this much (Spirit Blossom is still an alternate universe thing, so it was more like a parallel to the story that was moving than an event about the canon League story). But this season seems like it will bring much more, since it will not be just one event.

At first I thought it would just be something like "Viego shows up, corrupts people for skins and gets beaten", but considering the hints on who is the next champion, it seems like the Ruined King will get a character arc despite showing up only recently. For those who don't know, the Ruined King's story is basically that he fell in love with a seamstress name Isolde, he married her and she was the only one that he gave a shit about, which led people to plot to kill him, leading to an assassin killing her while trying to kill him. He did revive her, but that caused the Blessed Isles to become the Shadow Isles and when Isolde was revived, she panicked and killed him. A better love story than Twilight.

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Well, those who paid attention to the hints on who the next champion after Viego is will notice that is very likely that it is the queen herself, and the hints from Riot themselves imply that she will not be very happy with her dear husband, but will instead side with Senna and Lucian. This is where the character arc for Viego will come, one of his lines confirms he doesn't remember Isolde killing him and he is obviously still searching for her because he loves her, so, between finding out that she isn't happy with him to the point of siding with Senna and remembering that she killed him, we don't know what the Ruined King can do, will he stop his evil stuff for her or will he try to kill her in return for her killing him?

Not to mention the other characters involved, first we have the two new champions, a Yordle and a Sentinel of Light, which make me kinda curious, but not nearly as excited as Isolde herself, as well as other characters from the game that will likely get involved due to their connection with the Shadow Isles or the places Viego invaded. Regardless, this seems like the biggest lore event in League and I'm really glad Riot decided to go for this route, this game's lore isn't perfect, but it sure as hell is great, so it will be really cool to see things moving forward.

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