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Here’s some extra Information regarding Mundo’s Rework.

Before I can say anything from what I remember at the Mundo Discord, I just want to say that Twin Enso (The guy who worked on the 2nd half of Sett and the new marksman this year) and Kindlejack, the people around the rework, are seriously seeming to be giving their freaking ALL on this, they are constantly looking for requests, finding ways to execute the skins and what they are planning, They are giving a lot more feedback and discussion than other Rework talk I heard of, maybe that is just me though.

Now, you can take some of these with a grain of salt, because from what I am about to tell you, some of these things may not be as accurate as I am saying, and would be how I personally interpreted on their comments in the Discord.

If you really want to know the full extent of what I am about to say or what they are saying, you can find them at the Mundo Discord (Again), just look around with the search bar and you can easily find them.

So here are some of the things I know of:

  • One of the main reasons for Mundo's Reworked look is mostly due to how League's Art Style has been becoming over the past years or so, meaning that it was inevitable that he's not gonna be as "Cartoony" as his current in-game model despite trying to land on that dark comedic note.
  • Twin Enso, one of the people in charge of the rework, considers Mundo to be a very tough opponent to Aatrox in terms of the lore, simply because of due to his regenerative powers, it's makes it so that while he can't defeat Aatrox, Aatrox can't beat him either.
  • His interactions are so far, confirmed to be: Gangplank (Confirmed to be around a Pirate joke), Camille, Heimerdinger, Seraphine (Involves Mundo singing like an Ambulance), Jax, Malphite, Singed and Urgot. These are subjected to change.
  • His Corporate skin would be redesigned as a proper 1850 skin unlike some other Legendaries in past reworks
  • In his El Macho skin, Kindled says that his weapon switching trait would have a "twist" around it.
  • Both VO between base and Corporates are considered to be entirely different.
  • Rageborn is considered to have the most stuff into the skin compared to the other 975 or lower skins
  • Twin Enso comments that they are looking Mundo to be 70% Top Laner and 20% Jungler, with his W still being a good enough jungle clear option
  • I believe at some point, one of them said that Corporate won't have any Chromas, but they are not sure in general about Mundo getting new chromas from the Rework since it honestly depends if the Chromas department feels like it.
  • Mundo's reworked voice is something that Twin Enso considers to be more "Dumb Glee" than Old Mundo's VO, which he considers to be more strained/groany.
  • Actually he considers his VO to be one of his favorite parts of the rework
  • The whole "Tounge coming out" does show up in some of his animations for sure
  • According to Enso, Mundo Mundo skin is basically "If Mundo wears a crappy cosplay of Mundo", and he considers it to be absolute fire.
  • Corporate Mundo will definitely keep voice lines from his previous alliteration of the skin
  • There's some consideration at one point whether or not the Corporate skin would either be in the Zombies vs. Slayers skinline, or just simply in Day Job.
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That's what I know so far, I add more stuff after I am done with my Driver's Ed Test to look in the Discord to see what I miss, but so far that is it of what I personally know.

If you want to find more info, you can find more on the Discord by going into the Dr. Mundo Mains subreddit, it has a Discord link that would give you a free invite.

Hope the Rework is as amazing as they are describing, I think it would be great.


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