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Historical anti-record for Odoamne, deathless & deadly Koreans, Diamondprox reincarnation, and other statistical outliers after “week 1” of Worlds

"Week 1" of Worlds is over, "Week 2" is coming tomorrow, so good time to recap numbers and praise record holders!


There are 2 players who have yet to die in this tournament — Showmaker (14/0/21) and Viper (11/0/21). Next to them are Light (24 KDA), Scout (18), and Jiejie (14). The first West in KDA list is #32 Santorin (3.4 KDA).

Nisqy (0.8) and Hylissang (0.9) together with DFM Evi, Yutapon, and Gaeng are the only 5 players with KDA below 1.

Kills Participation

Speaking of Santorin — this man actually has a good tournament so far. He participated in 98% of all Team Liquid kills! I am impressed, no one else is even close to him in this department.

2 deadly Koreans

Nuguri just plays this tournament out of his mind. He dealt so far 40.9% damage in FPX! He has the highest number of solo kills — 6 and has +21 cs at 15 min against his opponents.

Next to him is BDD, who dealt 36.7% of the entire Gen.G damage, and also has the highest average DPM among all players so far — 729!


the East Lane Kingdom

Lanes this year are dominated by East players. Those 5 players basically make the life of their opponents miserable:

  • Khan on average has 2151 gold and 32 cs lead over his opponents at the 15-minute mark
  • xiaohu — 1958 gold and 36 cs
  • BDD — 1759 gold and 25 cs
  • Canna — 1463 gold and 22 cs
  • Showmaker — 1176 gold and 17 cs

Chovium? Deftium!

While we keep appraising Chovy, the incredible Deft in his 7th Worlds (!) just dominates his opponents. 1150 gold and 32 cs advantage at the 15-minute mark. 7 KDA, 455 gold-per-minute, 530 damage-per-minute — if HLE would make out of groups, Deft is the one who solo carries his team to the top.

Diamondprox reincarnation

If only I have to select one bright spot for West, it would be an early game from Bwipo. He's playing the craziest counter-jungling I've seen for ages.

943 exp (that's like 1.5 level above) and 32 cs up against his opponents at the 15-minute mark — this man just going nuts and bring to us Diamondprox vibes who created this concept of counter-jungling in 2012.

DWG KIA outperforms DWG

2020 was a year when Damwon looked incredibly strong. Only 3 lost maps in the entire tournament, pure domination, and power.

But in 2021 they started even scarier. Just check those numbers:

  • 100% FB
  • 100% First Tower
  • 100% Heralds taken
  • 100% Dragons taken
  • 100% Barons taken
  • 14 from maximum 15 toplane turret plates taken
  • 13 — on midlane
  • Average 4853 gold advantage at the 15-minute mark

That's … crazy.

Historical anti-record of Odoamne

No surprise here, that when one side is so dominant, the opposite side will be super weak. Sad to say, but Odo from Rogue this year achieved historical anti-record: at the 15-minute mark, he was down by an astonishing 3335 gold! At 10 minutes he was down already by 2015 gold, but surprisingly, it is not an anti-record.

All years worst toplane results are below:




That's year special because Odo vs Smurf matchup was by far the most one-sided at the entire tournament: * Smurf, ANX, Poppy vs Odo, H2K, Jayce — [email protected], [email protected] * Smurf, ANX, Poppy vs Odo, H2K, Jayce — [email protected], [email protected]






5 years later, Odo is on the other side … * Odo, Graves, RGE vs Khan, Jax, DWG — [email protected], [email protected] * Odo, Graves, RGE vs Khan, Jax, DWG — [email protected], [email protected]


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