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Hit Challenger in 3 regions so far(NA, LAN, SEA). On my 4th Region, doing an Unranked to Challenger in EUW w/ 120 ping from NA. Here are my thoughts on reach region, tips on how to climb, future plans, and etc.

Hey guys, Jurassiq here. NA ADC Main Ex – Pro/TCS 2018 Champion/Twitch Rivals runner up and now 4FUN Streamer. Recently started a series where I do an Unranked to Challenger in different servers. I am doing this to find the difference between each servers Solo/Duo, as well as to educate my viewers on how to climb and etc. Currently I am doing one on the EUW Server with 120 ping at around Plat – Diamond elo now. Below are my accomplishments, thoughts on each server/tips to climb, and where you can watch and join the climb.

Here are the servers I have played in and hit Challenger:

NA – Challenger for 4 years/Peaked 1000 LP

SEA – Challenger 1200LP(When I was in the Philippines late last year, took 1 month)

LAN – Challenger w/ 60 ping from NA 80% winrate(Took 2-3 weeks all on stream)

EUW – Currently doing this and @ around Plat – Diamond elo after a week

Thoughts on each servers Solo Queue so far:

NA – 4fun region, lots of first timing champions/4fun builds. Most one tricks compared to other regions. Big difference in skill jump when you hit High Challenger. One of the longest queue times for high elo games. Server I have experienced the most ghosting/stream sniping. 2nd strongest region after EUW, out of the 4 I have played in.

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TIP: OPGG your teammates before you start to make sure they are not first timing/4Funing their champ

EUW – People try the hardest, but also the server I have experienced the most afk/leavers. Really fast queue times, biggest playerbase i have played in(not same people each game). Most competitive region i have played in so far. I noticed the skill difference even when I was around Silver/Gold elo.

TIP: I suggest muting everyone and focusing on your own gameplay.

LAN – 2nd to the easiest region I have played in. I would say Challenger in LAN is about High Diamond/Masters in NA/EUW. Friendly community just don't let them know you're from NA or they will flame you. Longest Queue times(Small playerbase).

TIP: Play really strong laners and win the game through laning phase

SEA – Easiest region I have played in so far. Same as LAN where Challenger is High Diamond/Masters in NA/EUW. 2nd to the most toxic region I have played in. Really high mechanical players, but not a lot of macro gameplay in solo queue. Dedicated high elo players so queue times are relatively fast. Really good server locations, had 6 ping when I was playing from the Philippines.

TIP: Focus on having really good mechanical plays and don't rely too much on macro or you will get easily frustrated

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Future Plans

Korea/Japan/China – Planning to fly to one of these countries next once it is safe to fly to continue this series

You can watch and follow along the EUW Server climb on my Twitch @ https://www.twitch.tv/jurassiq Next stream is in 1 hour

I also post highlights/coaching sessions/etc on my Youtube Channel @ https://www.youtube.com/jurassiq

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