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How I Learned to Stop Caring About Samira and Pick Rammus

Content of the article: "How I Learned to Stop Caring About Samira and Pick Rammus"

So it's 4:30 and I get home from work. I'm a half hour late after being pulled over for speeding, but looking at the Sona poster on my wall makes me feel better. "League Time", I think to myself, after cracking open my third Red Bull.

A new patch installs. I wait the 20 seconds before I can queue up, which is 3 more than the last patch. "Too slow" I think to myself. I pick Ranked Solo/Duo as usual and while waiting I read the patch notes. There's nothing important there except a new Sona skin.

I get into champ select and my hands are getting pretty shaky but I manage to hover Rammus just in time. Everyone else is hovering some new pirate champion riot made, but I am first pick so I get Rammus and my teammates flame me. The enemy picks the new pirate Samuel and fellow racer Hecarim. My mid laner picks Yasuo and our support picks Sona. The unimportant laners pick Darius and Kai'sa, and the enemy team has 3 mages.

I have time to finish my Red Bull During the loading screen because someone has a slow computer. I don't complain as usual when the game finally loads because it might be Sona.

I start in the bot side Jungle with Sona and we kill the buff really fast. I manage to hit level 3 in record time thanks to some clean drifting and I quickly check the important lanes. Yasuo is dead. In the bot lane they are fighting and the new champion is dancing or something but Sona seems to be losing so I immediately ping, push Q, and down the rest of my fourth Red Bull. I blacked out for a while probably due to the G-Forces but when come to I have a headache and Sona said "gj" in chat. I finish my core item predator mobility boots and lose consciousness again.

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When I get back I take another sip from my Red Bull and check the score display. Yasuo has been AFK for a while and his current score is 0-11. Hecarim has been camping some part of the map I have never really seen before and Darius is arguing with him in chat. I am on my 8th gank bot lane and killed Samuel but Sona pings cloud dragon (my favorite) so I go there. I am feeling a little drowsy so after I smite it I recall and grab some coffee from the other room to ease my headache before blacking out one last time.

I come back to a victory screen and Sona said "Jungle diff". Yasuo finished with 21 kills. Anyways I don't think Sandy or whatever is that bad, and more importantly do you guys think I have a chance with this Sona

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