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I always listen to my ADC

I load onto Summoner's Rift for my ranked match. I'm playing Rengar in the jungle, my main champion. I'm currently in my 5th match into my promotion to Gold. I'm nervous, extremely nervous, and I don't know what to do to relax myself. Hell, I don't even know what buff to start because I'm scared of getting my other one stolen. I feel sick, as if I'm about to puke.

As I'm panicking around the map, contemplating on which buff I should begin with, my Jhin ADC types to me. He tells me to relax and that he understands the stress I'm going through. Did he check my op.gg to know that I was in my final promotion game? He must've. He tells me that I don't have to think and that all I have to do is to always listen and do whatever he says.

As the buffs spawn, Jhin tells me to start Red as he's getting ready to leash with our support. That calms my stress. After I grab the buff and acquire Level 2, Jhin tells me to gank his lane, specifically their ADC Miss Fortune. I trust him and go for the gank as my botlane walks back to lane.

I leap onto Miss Fortune.

She dies.

Jhin congratulates me.

As their ADC respawns, I decide to recall in one of the botlane brushes. However though, Jhin tells me to stay and gank their ADC again once she comes back. I trust him and wait in the brush. As time shortly passes, I see Miss Fortune walk back into lane. Jhin pings for me to go in.

I leap onto Miss Fortune.

She dies.

Jhin congratulates me.

As their ADC respawns for the 2nd time, I decide to recall in one of the botlane brushes once again. However though, my Jhin tells me to stay, again, but this time to follow him into their jungle. I proceed to follow him with my support to their brush near their gromp and their botlane Tier 1 turret. He tells me to wait and that we'll be ganking Miss Fortune before she enters her lane. As time shortly passes, we see Miss Fortune walk to lane. Jhin pings for me to go in.

I leap onto Miss Fortune.

She dies.

Jhin congratulates me.

Fast-forward 10 minutes into the match and their ADC is 0/10 while I'm 10/0. Every kill I've gotten was from their ADC. I've already acquired my 2nd item that Jhin has requested and I'm very pleased on how certain this game looks to be. Who would've thought that letting my ADC make every decision for me would lead to such a free win?

Their entire team even disconnected due to my KDA besides their raging Miss Fortune in chat who claims she's forced to stay due to being in her first promotion game to Gold since 2018. She tells us that if she were to disconnect or AFK, her promotion series would end. She also claims that she can't even surrender due to some unlucky bug with the FF system. As the rest of my team besides Jhin push out mid, I happily wait in my fountain for my next order, presumably being to end the game.

Jhin though, standing next to me in the fountain, tells me to gank Miss Fortune instead.

I'm confused. Why would Miss Fortune need to die? She's probably running around her fountain now, so what was the reason? Nobody's defending their base, so we can just end, right? I hesitate, but I decide to trust him and follow his orders, because he's supposed to be thinking for me, and that I am just a slave to his words. I run all the way to the enemy's fountain and proceed to dive with my ultimate.

I leap onto Miss Fortune

She dies.

Jhin congratulates me.

As I'm respawning, my team stops pushing. They claim that Miss Fortune's death wasn't necessary and that Jhin is taking it too far. Jhin however, doesn't respond, and continues to sit in our fountain. Miss Fortune is raging in chat once again, but even harder this time, asking me why I'm not ending the game with my team.

As I'm done respawning, Jhin tells me to gank Miss Fortune again.

I don't think this time and proceed to run back to the enemy's fountain with my ultimate. I don't want to go against Jhin, for he was my saviour when I was at my lowest. My team is protesting, telling my Jhin and I that we don't deserve to win the game, and that they're happy to discontinue pushing in hopes of losing. They had a moral obligation for the ruthless killings of the enemy ADC, something that I've discarded for peace of mind.

Fast-forward another 10 minutes into the match and their Miss Fortune is 0/20 while I'm 20/10. The minions have stopped spawning, so the game cannot end unless we win. I wonder to myself, is this Jhin's doing? Is that also why Miss Fortune is unable to surrender? As I'm respawning again after my 10th fountain dive kill onto their ADC, my team pleads to Jhin and I to end this slaughter while Miss Fortune claims to be crying IRL, begging for me to stop. This wasn't a game anymore.

I respawn and Jhin tells me to gank Miss Fortune for the 11th time. I abide like a dog once again and head to their base. Though, something was different this time, because Miss Fortune was nowhere to be seen in her fountain or her base. I don't know what to do. Before I can react to the situation, Jhin types:


Hiding. Of course. She's hiding in the jungle. She's hiding from me.

I instantly use my ultimate and run around the jungle, searching for my prey. I hear voices as I'm running, very silent ones. The voices, they're whispering. I wonder where they're from? I don't care though, I have an order to execute.

As I'm searching around each bush I see, I check my minimap.

I see her.

Miss Fortune's made her way into our base with my team, excluding Jhin, escorting her. They intend to defend her from me.

I can't let them stop me. I've been ordered to kill her.

Instead of recalling, I run towards my base, towards her, like a savage animal. I need to kill her. I must kill her. My team sees me running at full speed towards Miss Fortune, and put up an Anivia wall to block me off. I didn't even notice we had an Anivia, for I was too busy following orders to kill the enemy ADC.

I finally make my way into our base. I'm blocked off from Miss Fortune by Anivia's wall in an attempt to stop me, but it won't work. Everyone besides Jhin is spamming in chat for me to spare her life, but I don't listen, for they're not my ADC.

Before I go for the kill though, I stop.

I hear something. I hear screaming. The screams are death-curdling. My head is in pain and I don't know where the noise is coming from. Are these the screams of Miss Fortune? The screams of my teammates? The screams of my soul? I'm lost. I don't know what to do. Should I really kill her? Is what I'm doing okay? Does she deserve to die? Is being praised by Jhin worth it? Should I really keep listening to my ADC?

As I'm having a mental breakdown in front of my monitor, I hear footsteps ingame.

It's Jhin.

He's walked from our fountain and is now facing my champion model who's a few meters from Miss Fortune. Does he know the pain I'm going through?

Before I can say anything, he tells me to kill her.

The voices, they've stopped. Everything goes silent. I don't need to think for myself, for Jhin is there for me. He's always been there for me. As long as I always listen to my ADC, I'm at peace.

I leap onto Miss Fortune.

She dies.

Jhin congratulates me.


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