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I feel like toxicity comes from “Expecting” a win, rather than “playing” to win.

Content of the article: "I feel like toxicity comes from “Expecting” a win, rather than “playing” to win."

If you expect a win in every game, then every loss will be devastating. If you play to give yourself the best chances of winning in the moment, you would be winning and losing at the same rate probably but your mental would be way better.

I have an example because I have actually struggled with this myself. I have been permabanned before, not for racial slurs, or telling people the wrong stuff about mental health or anything like that, but for excessive typing in losing games.

My playstyle was simple. Pick early game stompers, stomp early, and try to dictate your team to close out the game before you get outscaled. Ive lost so many games, where I did not feel like it was "my fault".

This ended up in me searching up Op.gg's, banning peoples hovered champions if they had a negative winrate on it, just because I tried to ALWAYS win from champ select.

Every game that started, in my head I have already won, but I have to play NOT to lose the game, which is like dragging a truck uphill alone. Meaning, you can do it if you are strong enough, but eventually its going to tear you down.

Whenever you reach that breaking point, you start to look for reasons. You get stuck in this loop of "Im doing nothing wrong here. Im pulling this damn truck as hard as I can". You blame the car, the road, the tires, the air pressure, gravity etc etc but you dont realise that the breaks are on. You release the break, and it becomes so much easier. Its hard, but easier.

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Im a nice guy IRL. Never hurt someone, always lends a hand for anyone who needs help. Physical stuff and mental. But playing LoL with the mentality of "I have to win" turned me into something I am not. And I feel other people struggle with this too.

Just mute people lol is not a concept that works for everyone. You dont solve something by cutting all ties with it. You have to find the source of the problem and patch it up. Then it solves itself.

If you are out there and feel like this hits you. Stop expecting a win every game. Play in the moment, and stop thinking about rank, winrates and LP. None of it matters.

I'll gladly be a happy D3 player with a good mental, than be unhappy and a toxic D1 player. Im capable of both. But I have chosen the happy one.

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