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I Made a List of Real Names of Champions

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I pored through lore, forum articles, and wiki pages to put together a big list of the real names, previous names, designations, weapon names, etc, of a bunch of champions. I only included weapon names for champions already on this list, but there's a lot of champions that have weapon names I didn't include. And I also only included names of champions we know, so demons that cycle through names or assume new ones regularly (like Evelynn, Tahm Kench, and Fiddlesticks) are not included.

Species names, such as Rek'Sai being the Queen of the Xer'Sai, and Skarner being a Brackern, are also not included.

And, finally, direct translations of names like Kha'Zix (Shuriman for "You Fight Yourself") or Vel'koz (Shuriman for "To Know Through Unmaking") are also not included as they are not modified or changed through regional dialect or folklore.

Full Names:

Akali – Akali Jhomen Tethi

Annie – Annie Hastur (Her bear is named "Tibbers")

Azir – Azir Omah (His staff is called the "Staff of Office")

Camille – Camille Ferros (She is powered by the "Hextech Heart")

Cassiopeia – Cassiopeia du Couteau

Elise – Elise Kythera Zaavan (Her patron god that provides her with venom and power is the "Vilemaw")

Fiora – Fiora Laurent

Garen – Garen Crownguard (Garen's weapon is a "Sunsteel Broadsword")

Graves – Malcolm Graves (His first gun was "Destiny", his current gun is "New Destiny")

Heimerdinger – Cecil B. Heimerdinger

Irelia – Irelia Xan (Her blades are called the "Xan Crest Blades")

Jarvan IV – Jarvan Lighshield IV (His weapon is named "Drakebane")

Jax – Saijax Cail-Rynx Kohari Icath'un

Jayce – Jayce Giopara (His weapon is named the "Mercury Hammer/Cannon")

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Jhin – Khada Jhin (Possibly a stage name or alias) (His gun is named "Whisper")

Katarina – Katarina du Couteau

Kayn – Shieda Kayn (His Darkin Scythe is named Rhaast)

Lux – Luxanna Crownguard (Her weapon is called the "Radiant Staff")

Miss Fortune – Sarah Fortune (Her guns are named "Shock" and "Awe")

Mordekaiser – Sahn-Uzal (His mace is named "Nightfall")

Orianna – Orianna Reveck (Her ball is named, well, "Ball")

Qiyana – Qiyana Yunalai (Her weapon is called an "Omhlatl")

Riven – Riven Konte (Her sword is named "The Runic Blade")

Sett – Settrigh (Full first name used by his mother)

Sivir – Sivunas Alahair (Her crossblade is named the "Chalicar")

Sona – Sona Buvelle (Her instrument is called the "Etwahl")

Swain – Jericho Swain (His demon is named Raum)

Talon – Talon du Couteau (Name received after he was adopted by the du Couteau family)

Twisted Fate – Tobias Felix

Vayne – Shauna Vayne

Yorick – Yorick Mori

Ziggs – Zigmund

Zilean – Zilean Icath'un

Zac – Zaun Amorphous Combatant (ZAC is an acronym)

Names of Hosts/Incarnations:

Ashe – Avarosa (Previous incarnation)

Brand – Kegan Rodhe (Name of current host)

Ivern – Ivan the Terrible (Previous name before his reformation) (His golem friend is named "Daisy")

Karma – Darha (Name of current host)

Pantheon – Atreus (Current host), Zeonia / Astraea / Areion (Previous Hosts) (His spear is named "Skyfall of Areion")

Sejuani – Serylda (Previous incarnation) (Her boar is named "Bristle", and her armguard is named the "Seeker's Armguard". Her flail used to be called "The Flail of the Northern Winds", although this may no longer be canon)

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Varus – Valmar / Kai (Name of human components used to form his body)

Zoe – Myisha (Previous host)

Names Received Through Events or Regional Translations:

Ivern – Ivern Bramblefoot (Chose this name after his reformation) (His golem friend is named "Daisy")

Janna – Jan'ahrem (Shuriman for "Guardian")

Kai'sa – Kaisa (Apostrophe added by Shurimans to denote she is of the Void)

Kassadin – Kassaiadyn (Shuriman for "Whom Does the Desert Know?") (His blade is called "The Nether Blade of Horok")

Kindred – Lamb & Wolf (Common), Ina & Ani (Ionian), Farya & Wolyo (Freljordian), Death (True Name)

Wukong – Kong ("Wu" is an honorific for becoming a Wufu Master)

Xerath – Yerath (Ancient Shuriman for "One Who Shares", Modern Shuriman for "Devil")

Zed – Govos (Birth Name) / Usan (Kinkou Name)

Names Used as Disguises or Aliases:

Ezreal – Jarro Lightfeather (His alias while exploring Demacia) (His gauntlet is called "Na'zuk's Gauntlet")

LeBlanc – Too Many To List (Although she prefers Evaine or Emilia, lore is inconsistent)

Neeko – Everyone

Names That Are Not Canon or Outdated:

Aatrox – Boris (Fan Name)

Ezreal – Ezreal Lyte / Ezreal Lymere (This was hinted at in old lore but appears to no longer be canon)

Irelia – Irelia Lito (Assumed surname before rework)

Morgana – Morgana Hex (Beta Name) (She used to share the "Starfire Spellblade" with Kayle before binding her wings)

Galio – Galio Justice Justice (Joke Name)

Urgot – Jeremiah James Urgot (Highnoon Urgot Name)

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Names with Tribes/Locations as a Surname:

Nami – Nami of the Marai (Her weapon is the "Tidecaller's Staff")

Quinn – Quinn of Uwendale (Valor is implied to be the spirit of her dead brother, Caleb)

Rakan – Rakan of the Lhotlan

Rengar – Rengar of the Kiilash

Sylas – Sylas of Dregbourne

Taliyah – Taliyah of the Nasaaj

Xayah – Xayah of the Lhotlan

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