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I made a tool that allows you to find the mathematically correct build for any champion (also includes a Practice Tool simulation where you can attack any champ instead of a dummy)

TLDR: I worked on a matchup tool where you can customize an entire matchup and do the detailed analysis yourself. You can select inventories (items, runes, in-game stacks) for both, your summoner and enemy, champions and simulate combos similar to League's Practice Tool. The damage output gets calculated and visualized in multiple graphs, which you can use to answer your build-related questions. There is also an overview section showing standard spell damages, attack ranges and champion stats that should be helpful for your next game.

TDLR for the very busy (since post is quite long): https://www.alphameta.gg

From my too frequent scrolling on this subreddit, I regularly bumped into a few posts asking for more tools to make game knowledge more accessible: one of the more infamous ones being an improvement to League's Practice Tool.

"Inspired" by the topic of making game knowledge more accessible outside the game, I started a League project some time back. Now, after what seems like an eternity, I am sharing the project for the first time:

In short, a matchup overview & theory-craft tool between your summoner champion against any other champion. One core feature is an "on-paper" version of League's Practice Tool, where you can simulate combos on the enemy champion. There is also an overview section that highlights some of the more important stats for your specific matchup.

Ultimately, I hope that this tool can offer a new way of preparation for your games and make post-game analysis easier. There is a long way to go with possible features. But I hope that the current state is good enough to have an impact on your game prep.

So what can I actually do with it?

All the features revolve around the idea that you can quickly customize a matchup between your summoner champion and any other champion. You can select spell points, items, runes, in-game stacks (e.g. Veigar Q stacks) for both champions.

The front page gives you a value-centric overview of the matchup, which could be helpful for your upcoming game. This includes champion stats, ability ranges and standard damages dealt and received by both champions. Then, based on your inventory selection, the information gets updated. Here is a screenshot of the champion stats & standard damages for a matchup between Ekko and Yone:

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Matchup Overview

Small note (for standard damages): They show you a rough estimate of the damages dealt/received by each of the champion's individual spells. You can also think of it as a short mini-combo involving the spell since some spells are more complicated (e.g. Aatrox' Q).

Another core feature is the "Practice Tool on paper" (you can find it in the tool's "Combos" tab). Taking the same (non-mechanical) idea as League's Practice Tool, you can simulate a combo on the enemy champion.

Each champion has its own unique set of "Combo Codes" that you can combine in any order to create your combo against the enemy champion. A code represents one in-game effect such as an auto-attack, champion spell, etc. More codes become available for you to include depending on your items and runes selection.

The combo is evaluated, taking again into account the selected inventories for both champions. The damage output gets then broken down into multiple graphs. Here is a screenshot to give you a better idea:

Practice Tool simulation

Ekko's combo ("E Q A") stands for a Phase Dive auto-attack, one forward Timewinder and one normal auto-attack hitting Yone. The tool has detailed descriptions for each code.

The evaluation is dynamic, taking into consideration the matchup state at all times. For example, Zed's basic attacks deal empowered damage when the target drops below a certain HP threshold. Runes can also modify your damage depending on the enemy's HP. These dynamic effects are automatically handled by the tool.

You can also modify the defending enemy granting a shield or change resistance stats if an appropriate effect is available. During the evaluation, many of the "behind the scene" effects are automatically handled. Still, some effects (e.g. Conqueror stacking) will also require an additional touch. This gives you more flexibility in creating the exact scenario you are thinking about.

Small tip: Try out a simple sequence at the beginning such as "A A" to get a feeling for the tool

What is the idea behind this?

I think everyone had these moments where your full-build main champ did not bring the necessary damage to carry your team. Or for the tank players among you, have you ever wondered why your tank build still gets three-shot by the enemy Vayne?

I hope that this tool can help fill some of the existing voids if you had similar experiences or other build-related problems. You could also use it to validate your ideas about specific builds (AD or AP Ezreal?) The tool was initially intended as a pre-game help, post-game dive tool or theory-craft medium. But it is really up to you. Eventually, you can find your own "special" use for it.

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Some other things you may wonder about after starting to use it

In the Combos section, why can only the summoner attack and not the enemy?

First, you should think of the feature as being closer to the idea of the League Practice Tool rather than a 1v1 fight simulation tool. The main idea is trying to optimize your summoner champion.

For those who are not satisfied with the answer above (the more technical response):

A good amount of interactions and effects are time dependent in the game. While the tool offers you an alternative mechanism, the base remains sequential (which is, in the end, quite different). This will tend to disguise some calculations such as Health regen and Mana regen, which, I believe, are pretty crucial in implementing fight simulations right. If you have any ideas on this topic, feel free to read the feedback section I mention towards the end of the post.

Why are not all stats included?

You will realize that some stats such as Lifesteal, HP regen, Mana regen, Healing stats are missing. This is indirectly related to the point I just mentioned above. In short, time effects are currently out of scope. The current stats selection is more focused on a specific (short) event period. For Healing, I think it deserves its own dedicated section. For some champions types, this is as important as damage is for others.

What about Movement Speed?

Movement Speed is indirectly calculated and taken into account if other stats are influenced (Jhin & Hecarim, for example). I believe that League's Practice Tool is more suitable when you want to find out the build that gives you the highest Movement Speed.

Why are critical attacks not automatic?

For me, this is a 50:50 matter. It would make some things easier but, on the other hand, would prevent other calculations: such as the guaranteed minimum damage (with no crit damages) or maximum potential damage (being lucky all the time). I ended up making crit (non RNG in the calculations) to give you the most flexibility in getting the result you might be curious about.

Wouldn't it make sense to include Mana Cost for the Combos section?

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Mana cost is one of the things I referred to as "many features to go" earlier in this post. In fact, the information is already there but not yet included. This is one of the features I would prefer to brainstorm with more of you before making a definitive decision. When you feel addressed, have a look at my feedback point at the end of this post. Your input would be much appreciated.

The information would be helpful to have as an in-game overlay.

Yes, you are probably right. However, the focus of the tool is not on providing in-game information. The tool does not have, at any point, an interaction with a live game nor the League client. Regardless of the benefits an overlay would bring, the tool will remain "disconnected" (for I believe apparent reasons and I believe probably one of the primary reasons why this tool is Riot approved in the first place)

I like the idea of this project. Can I contribute or help with my game knowledge? There is a mistake. Where can I report it?

First, thank you for getting so far. If you have suggestions or have found a bug, I would be keen to hear you. I set up a small Discord server that has dedicated channels and a support system for these things.

Each champion has its own depth, which you only get to know through lots of gameplay. This is obviously different to knowing the champions by their numbers. So, if you have a main champ you play regularly, I would also be curious to hear your feedback.


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