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I made another Quiz! This time more grand and more diverse! (Pt. 1)

tl;dr: Ability quiz below, answers in the Tables. More later.

Hi it's me again, I made another Quiz! If you haven't seen the other one: here. This time, more questions and more question-categories. As always, not a really competition, just for fun. Also, please tell me if I made mistakes or typos. : )

This post got to long, therefore I split it in 4 Posts. (links will be updated, when ready)

  • Abilities (this)
  • Live Items + Removed Items (in ~ 1 hour)
  • Voice Lines (probably tomorrow)
  • Champion Descriptions + Splash Art cutouts + Map cutouts (a bit later than Voice Lines)

For Abilities: if you know "Thresh Q" you can count it as ✓ , but if you also know "Death Sentence" you can give yourself extra points.

Section A: Abilities

>> Abilities (P, Q, W, E, R)


A1 Ahri E (Charm) A6 Teemo R (Noxious Trap) A11 Viktor E not upgraded (Death Ray)
A2 Blitzcrank Q (Rocket Grab) A7 Talon R (Shadow Assault) A12 Varus R (Chain of Corruption)
A3 Yasuo W (Wind Wall) A8 Pyke Q (Bone Skewer) A13 Zilean R (Chronoshift)
A4 Vel'Koz P (organic Deconstruction) A9 Skarner R (Impale) A14 Twisted Fate Q (Wild Cards)
A5 Thresh W (Dark Passage) A10 Udyr R (Phoenix Stance) A15 Trundle E (Pillar of Ice)

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Section B: Abilities 2

Section A + Recasts + Effect icons + "seconds row" (e.g. Nidalee, Jayce, Rek'Sai etc.)


(Everything in " " is just a description added by me not an official name)

B1 Twisted Fate W Re (Pick a Card – Recast: Blue Card) B6 Twitch P (Deadly Venom) B11 Rengar R passive effect icon (Thrill of the Hunt – "Rengar is near you"-Icon)
B2 Shaco R Re (Hallucinate – Recast: Command) B7 Singed Q (Poison Trail) B12 Rek'Sai R Passive effect Icon (Void Rush – "Rek'Sai marked you" -icon)
B3 Rammus R (Tremors) B8 Twitch E (Contaminate) B13 Kalista W effect passive icon (Sentinel – "Kalistas Next aa will do extra dmg"-icon)
B4 Xin Zhao R Passive effect icon (Challenge) B9 Teemo E (Toxic Shot) B14 Shadow Assassin W (Blades Reach)
B5 Rek'Sai Q burrowed (Prey Seeker) B10 Cassiopeia Q (Noxious Blast) B15 Lillia R effect icon (Lilting Lullaby – "Next damage extra damage"-icon)

Section C: Abilies 3


C1 Aphelios Q (Onslaught) C6 Maokei W (Twisted advance) C11 Ryze P 2 flux (Overload)
C2 Cammile Q recast non-ture dmg (Precision Protocol) C7 Cammile E recast (Hookshot) C12 Swain P (Ravenous Flock)
C3 Illaoi E affected icon (Vessel) C8 Aphelios Q (Duskwave) C13 Syndra W Recast (Force of Will)
C4 Heimerdinger RQ (H-28Q_Apex_Turret) C9 Nidalee R back to Human (Aspect of the Cougar) C14 Taliyah Q when on Worked Ground (Threaded Volley)
C5 Kled P Skaarl runs (Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard) C10 Renekton E (Slice) C15 Veigar P (Edit Phenomenal Evil Power)

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