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Ideas for an open-world, single player game of League

Disclaimer – This is all purely speculation based on my random predictions of how Arcane will progress as a story, my knowledge of LoL lore (both old/retconned and new), interaction with people who play League, and other games that I've played in my lifetime. I am open to ideas and criticisms but please make them constructive and helpful. Thank you!

Name – Arcane: Runeterra (name can be changed, just a placeholder name for now)

Game type – Open World, Single Player, Immersive, RTS/MOBA**(?)**, RPG

  • Possible adaptation to online MMORPG but would be incredibly difficult with constant maintenance and balance
  • Griefing and negative behavior would have to be monitored via reporting but again would be incredibly difficult to figure out all the logisitics (maybe bring back the Tribunal?)

Setting – Depending on the progression of the story in Arcane (EMPHASIS ON PROGRESSION. I have no idea what direction Riot intends to go with Arcane nor do I know how they plan to incorporate all the other cities/nations/regions into the whole scope of the LoL universe but this is what I am hoping of), you are a player in that same universe, on the world of Runeterra. You create a player, customizing the looks and appearance, and then choose to start in 1 of the following cities/regions:

  • Freljord
  • Noxus
  • Demacia
  • Piltover
  • Zaun
  • Bilgewater
  • Ionia
  • Targon
  • Bandle City
    • If I'm forgetting any other cities/regions that could serve as a starting point, please do let me know.
      • Areas like the Shadow Isles, Shurima, and Ixtal will serve primarily as raid/dungeon areas for players to enter (with a little help). Will elaborate further down below.

Now, choosing the starting city/region is the easy part. Making a name for yourself in that city/region is the hard part. Each city/nation/region has its inner “politics” that will change and respond depending on your choices, decisions, and actions within the games, interactions with NPCs, and the quests you choose to complete. For example:

  • If you choose to start in Piltover, you will complete storylines and quests that will end up culminating to you having a choice in supporting Jayce or Viktor and the future of Hextech/Hexcore in Piltover.
    • Or maybe even a hidden third choice to combine both Hextech and Hexcore to fight Zaun’s Chemtech.
      • This part is a bit of a stretch and highly unlikely to be done but once you reach a point in the game where you can stand side by side with Jayce and/or Viktor as equals, depending on your choices made in game, you can then influence your choices on a “global” scale directly. You can dictate how Piltover will be run with Jayce and/or Viktor to help you. You would gain access to additional quests from there. Maybe even to a scale where you can choose how to allocate resources within the city (kind of like Civilization) and shaping how you can grow the economy of your city/region.
  • If you choose to start in the Freljord, you would have to choose to grow up in one of the three sister tribes (Ashe, Sejuani, Lissandra) and then from there, build yourself up and choose whether or not you want to unite the tribes, keep them split, or cause a war. Each option provided based on how much you’ve progressed in the storylines/quests.
    • Depending on which tribe you choose to start with, enemies can change
      • If you choose Ashe’s tribe, you will have enemies from Sejuani’s and Lissandra’s tribes, maybe even sometimes random raid bosses like the Watchers or enemy champions, like Olaf, Trundle, Volibear, etc. All of which would have varying levels of "chance of appearance", some being rarer than others.

As for the other regions that I mentioned earlier, like the Shadow Isles, Shurima, Ixtal, etc, they will be serving as raid/dungeon areas. And then the champions from those regions will serve as raid bosses, each having unique abilities and chance of appearance. Higher level player characters = higher chances of spawning rare raid bosses.

  • Shadow Isles raid bosses would be:
    • Maokai
    • Elise
    • Hecarim
    • Kalista
    • Yorick
    • Vex
    • Thresh
    • Karthus
    • Veigo (this would be a secret boss that you can only unlock by completing all Shadow Isle storyline quests)
  • Shurima and Ixtal (or what remains of Ixtal) raid bosses would be:
    • Cho'Gath
    • Kog'Maw
    • Kha'Zix
    • Rek'Sai (must have both Shurima and Ixtal storylines unlocked, her spawn/babies will patrol the sandy dunes of the Shurima region and can attack the player)
    • Vel'Koz
    • Malzahar (similar to Viego as a secret boss, must complete the storyline quests of Kassadin)

NPCs – Non Playable Characters that you can interact with will be all over the world of Runeterra. Outside of the generic merchants and soldiers/enforcers/goons/etc, there will be champion NPCs, each having their own unique abilities, lines, and more based off their lore. For example:

  • Ryze – a wandering NPC in search of the Rune stones that made and shaped Runeterra into what it is today. (The paths he wanders through Runeterra is random through each passing day based on in-game time.) You can choose to help Ryze in recovering the stones and sealing them.
    • Or alternatively, for those who like to play a darker role, you can also choose to steal the Rune stones that Ryze seals away (you would need to be high enough level to challenge the vault that Ryze seals them in <

      >). However, every action has a consequence. If you choose to go this path, you will trigger an aggressive Ryze that will attack you whenever you come across his path while he is wandering. He won't be going out of his way from his wandering path to pursue you but if you happen to enter his FoV, you better be ready for a fight…or run.
  • Draven – an NPC that is the master of The Fleshing Arena (the LoL equivalent of the Roman Colosseum) where you can enter and fight your way up to challenge Draven for a prize and maybe some notoriety within Noxus (think of a fighting game mechanic where you fight your way up a tower of challenges like in Mortal Kombat). Champions you might face in the arena include:
    • Riven
    • Kled
    • Samira
    • Rell
    • Draven (boss, will be very difficult)
  • Yasuo – similar to Ryze, also another wandering NPC, but instead of finding the Rune stones as a quest, you can choose to help out Yasuo in finding his brother, Yone, and even helping him solve the mystery of the murder of the Ionian elder. <


And that's not all you can do with the NPCs. Once you incur enough favor or do enough to reach a "friendliness" level to champion NPCs, you can recruit them to your party (max members 5) and bring them along with you to help finish quests and progress through the game. So, going back to my raid/dungeon examples, if you go to the Shadow Isles, there will be a chance on one of your visits to run into Lucian. Once you run into him, it'll unlock a quest/storyline to help him out. For example:

  • Lucian might not trust you at first, thinking you're a spectral ghost that the Shadow Isle conjured so he'll give you small quests to test you (ie. kill X number of ghouls or something) and then as you complete more quests and prove yourself to him, you gain his trust. Eventually, the sub-quest storyline will lead you to Thresh, in a natural progression, and once you defeat Thresh, there will be a small chance to free Senna. Once you do free her, you have a whole new branch of quests and story to fulfill and complete.
    • Once you have built enough trust with an NPC, like with Lucian, you can then recruit them to your party and are free to pick and choose who you want to recruit. (You are not required to finish the entire storyline to recruit Lucian to your party but if you want to add Senna, you might as well finish the quests. This would avoid any Pay2Play or microtransaction features in the game and you can naturally just unlock stuff via progression of in-game story.)

I have a whole bunch more ideas written down but I wanted to see what you guys thought. I'm willing to post more of my ideas if you guys really are interested to hear more. Maybe even if any Rioters are online and browsing can hit me up and I'll send you the entire word doc I have.

TL;DR – I have an idea for a single player LoL game that could appeal across multiple genres of games while at the same time addressing the rich universe and lore of Arcane, LoL and Runeterra.

TL;DR of the TL;DR – comment below and I'll respond to any questions or comments you have.

Edit 1: As pointed out in the comments, I am not trying to shoe horn any player to be the "good guy" but rather, your choices will influence whether or not the people and world of Runeterra will see you as a good or bad guy. You are free to choose to help Kassadin and Kai'Sa seal the Void by defeating Malzahar and the monsters from the Void or vice versa, help Malzahar bring chaos to Runeterra by unleashing the Void. The vision I have is that you're not restricted to any one path of good or evil, but the collection of choices you make will portray you as good or evil in the eyes of the people in Runeterra.

Edit 2: I've gotten some messages about how this game would look and the closest thing I can imagine is like a crossover between FF14 and Skyrim. You have an open-world that you are free to explore and traverse and interact with whatever NPC that you see fit while at the same time making you choose how you interact with the NPCs, which can then cause a butterfly effect for you down the line in a separate story quest. Basically, the game will shape and mold based on the choices you make as a player and the groups/cities/regions you choose to support.

Edit 3: Depending on where you are located in the map of Runeterra, there will be outposts and bases that you can establish throughout the lands. For example – if you are starting out from Noxus and you build yourself up and grow your levels to the point where you can command troops, you can then establish bases near, let's say, Demacia, for you to attack and act as a save point, in case you die or fall in battle. Some bases that you establish can then be grown to be a fast travel location, outside of fast traveling to and from the major cities.

Edit 4: This would be a stretch but adding a sea battle element (if you start at Bilgewater and become a pirate) would be amazing. Think of AC4: Black Flag style of ship battles, being a crew member of Miss Fortune or even Gangplank and then eventually working your way up to commanding your own ship. And then you can also use the ship as a mode of transportation.

Edit 5: Comment below and I will do my best to respond to each comment. I have a whole word doc with all of my ideas written down so any discussions are welcome.


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