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If you smurf in low elos, please stop being toxic to new players

I'm a new level 31. In normals my MMR is mostly ok, and I play against people at my level (low-mid Bronze, I'd say), and my KDA reflects this. But for some reason, I have been put in the smurf queue for placements, despite having a 25% win rate in the 4 placement games I have played. I'm not feeding, I'm not trying to int, I'm just a new player trying to get through placements so I can get my rank and play with people who are at a similar level to play against.

But every single game I play I'm playing with smurfs, and they admit this. I'm not good at League, but I'm trying. They spam ping me, they report me, they give me a lot of shit. Just out of a game where 3/4 of my teammates were smurfs (I asked them and their op.ggs reflect this) and 4/5 opposing teammates seem to be smurfs (or at least that's what it looks like by their op.ggs). This honestly makes ranked games unplayable at my level since of course I'm gonna get stomped.

I understand why some people smurf for good reasons, whether it to be able to play with friends in lower elos or play something with a lower queue times. I get it. What I don't get is people who are toxic to people who aren't smurfing. This is honestly ruining the experience for me, and I know that I can't be alone in this experience. I don't want to play League after getting abuse from people for 30 minutes. Yes, I mute, but the damage is already done for me when they start because I know they're still doing it, I just can't hear them. Their toxicity makes me tilted which makes me play worse, and because of it I just had one of my worst games I've ever had. Sometimes I feel like going AFK but then I know that I'll get punished for it and they won't get reported in the end because (AFAIK) there's no way to report people after matches.

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If you're a smurf account that is in low elos/in the first placement games, please remember that not everyone is like you. We aren't all veterans of the game. We don't know all of the champs and all of the ways to counter champs. If we lose lane, we're not trolling or inting or any of that. We're just trying to play the game like you.

EDIT: Didn't think I'd get so many responses since this was honestly more me letting off steam but thanks for them all! A couple of things:

– Definitely going to mute chat in my next games. I kept it on because if someone was messaging me to help I'd obviously not wanna miss it, but enough people are saying that it's not worth it and I agree now.

– I need to stick it out since it's going to take a while to get rid of the smurfs. I was told that I just needed to get to placements and I'd be matched with others at my level pretty quickly, but it's just taking longer for me.

– Also I didn't make this post to be talk about "oh stop smurfing" etc. I made it because the way the past few games have went I think they genuinely thought I was trolling because they kept on saying that I bought my account at level 30. I know this post isn't groundbreaking by any means, but I do think that people forget that there are some people still going through their first ever placements. That's why I didn't make the generic "stop being toxic" post since I think this is a different situation.

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Thanks for all of the tips guys!


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