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If you type “__ diff” or “ez” at the end of a game, you’re not bantering, you’re just an asshole.

Content of the article: "If you type “__ diff” or “ez” at the end of a game, you’re not bantering, you’re just an asshole."

At least with flaming your teammates, although dickish, there's some reasoning behind it. People are tilted, they perceive their loss as due to one player (whether true or not), and at least that type of toxicity is understandable. Not justifiable, but understandable.

But "ez" or "__ diff", there's really no justification. You already have the win, and the other team is dealing with one of the most frustrating parts of league, losing, and you go out of your way to kick them while their down. Despite winning, apparently that's not enough, so you have to type "ez" or "___diff".

Edit: Seeing as how this post blew up there are a couple of things I want to add.

  1. People who are like "yea it worked lol we got you so mad that you make a post". I got to ask. If your main goal is to piss people off just for the sake of pissing people off, how do you not feel like a dick doing that? Like how do you not have any shame knowing you get pleasure out of seeing others upset?

  2. Communities play a very large part in the respect something gets. It's no secret esports don't really get that much respect. The fact that so many people openly admit they do __ diff or ez, which is the video game equivalent of spitting on the enemy teams face, well it really reflects on how league and esports is perceived.

  3. Comparing it to sports, usually the person who rubs it in the losing teams face that they just won is not only unanimously hated by everyone at the event (including their own team), but if they were to get punched in the face, it would be very rare that anyone but the taunter would get upset. As someone who played 4 years rugby, I can say this for certain.

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Also based on the responses to this post, no wonder the league community is considered by most to be one of the most toxic gaming communities. Something I've noticed across the spectrum of people who are dicks, is that the most common reply to calling out behavior is "you're being too sensitive". That's always the reply, no matter how much of a dick the person was.

BTW, the replies to this thread show why riot will never implement voice chat in league.

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