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Interview with MAD Carzzy. MAD Carzzy: We will definitely advance from group stage. If I could choose, I would play for FPX or T1.

Hi guys. The biggest CZ&SK LoL community portal Tryhard.cz made interview with MAD Carzzy and i would like to translate it for you. Here is link for full interview: https://tryhard.cz/clanek/carzzy-urcite-postoupime-kdybych-si-mohl-vybrat-zahral-bych-si-za-fpx-nebo-t1/9814

TH: Hi Carzzy, thanks for your time. First of all congratulations on the double title of LEC champion and the second qualification for the Worlds. In your opinion, were the opponents in the league weaker, or did you improve considerably?
C: Hi, thank you. I'm sure we definitely improved a lot and we were far ahead of the other teams.

TH: Where do you see the biggest improvement in the team in the last year? (game phase, line, macro?)
C: The biggest improvement will definitely be the mid game macro, where no other team in Europe can compete with us. We've also greatly improved in other aspects too, but we still have a lot of things to work on

TH: At Worlds, you are in a group with Gen.G, LNG and TL. Who do you think will be the toughest opponent and how do you see your chances?
C: I think Gen.G and LNG are better 3rd and 4th seed than China and Korea sent last time, so it will definitely not be easy. But I still think we will definitely leave the group.

TH: Which team would you like to play Bo5 at Worlds?
C: I would like to play bo5 against Damwon, we owe them defeat after what happened at MSI.

TH: Do you have idol among ADC players at Worlds?
C: I think that Viper is currently the best adc in the world and I have a lot of respect for him

TH: Rogue have a very difficult group, Fnatic have a slightly better chance of advancing. Do you think that the EU will again have two representatives in the quarterfinals?
C: I think the FNC have a great chance of getting out of the group. Rogue will only get out with luck. It is possible that in the end only we will get out of the group. In the end, I think it will be the FNC and us.

TH: How do you like Iceland? Do you mind that you didn't go to China this year, or do you see it as an advantage that you are close?
C: Iceland is a nice country . I don't like strong wind here. I was really looking forward to China. But in the end, if fans are not allowed, it doesn't matter where one plays.

TH: Kaiser has signed an extension of the contract with MAD. There is a lot of speculations around you. If you could choose any team in the world that you liked to play for, or with whom?
C: If I had to choose one team, it would be FPX or T1 because both teams have very good support, which I would like to play with.

TH: Which champion would you choose skin for when winning the Worlds?
C: Definitely on Ezreal or Kai’Sa.

TH: Would you like to say something to the Czech and Slovak LoL community before the start of the groups?
C: Thank you to all of you who support us, I think that this year has been very successful in esports for the Czech and Slovakia and I am glad that you support us no matter what happens! Keep it up!


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