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Is LCK Misusing Ezreal?[Translation]

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If you have been around my channel you would have heard that I said "Ezreal is OP" quite often. I also said in the past that after Kalista(and Varus) are banned Ezreal are better than Aphelios. However, in recent LCK series, Ezreal has the winrate like Lee sin while Aphelios have high winrate. So did I misinterpret the power level of Ezreal or are LCK misusing Ezreal? Or is it because LCK knows how to play against Ezreal?


  1. Manamune = unupgraded. Muramana = Upgraded/Fully Stacked
  2. Ezreal's power level is strongly tied to the completion of Muramana.
  3. Ezreal's spike at mid game after Sheen item and upgraded Muramana.
  4. The test to a skilled Ezreal player(Beside skillshot) is whether you can upgrade Muramana before third drake
  5. If you think you would lose Laning phase against a stronger laning champion it might be better to buy tear first instead of Sheen.
  6. It is really hard to comeback after losing three drakes so sometime you have to fight even without Muramana.
  7. Aphelios are stronger early game and late game. Ezreal is very strong in Mid game but weak in early game and weaker to Aphelios at late game.

1. Ezreal's Statistic

Out of the four main region two regions have negative winrate as Ezreal. LCK have 15 NB and 20% winrate and LCS have 11 NB and 36.4% winrate. However, in LEC and LPL Ezreal has a positive winrate and LPL has a 61 percent winrate with 41NB(LEC have 56.3% winrate and 16NB).  


In terms of matchup, LCK just started recently so there isn't a lot of games but currently Ezreal has a 20% winrate against Aphelios(10 games). Interestingly in LEC Ezreal has a 33% winrate against Aphelios(9 games). LCS also have 33% winrate against Aphelios(6 games). However in LPL Ezreal has a 55% winrate against Aphelios(33 games).  

  9 Now is Ezreal just not good against Aphelios or does only LPL know how to play Ezreal in this matchup? let's go a bit deeper into the matchup.

2. Ezreal vs Aphelios

a. Ezreal struggle in early laning phase:

This is a common knowledge. Although Ezreal is tier 1 everyone knows that he struggle in lane .

b. Opponent will have a gold lead early on

This is teid to point A but because of his weak laning phase his opponent often have more gold due to tower or simply a cs lead.  

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Even in LPL where Ezreal has a high winrate his [email protected](-3), [email protected](-432), [email protected](-15) are all at the negative. If you look at the LCK games there are many times where Ezreal's team has to give dragon due his lack of early game power.

3. The Importance of Manamune transformation to Muramana

So when does Ezreal get strong does he just stay weak the whole game? When Ezreal get his Manamune and Iceborn Gauntle(6000 gold) and Aphelios would have IE and an zeal(5900 gold + 300 gold from early advantage). Mentioned before but because Ezreal has a weak laning phase Aphelios would have a gold advantage from tower and/or cs lead.  


We often see Ezreal's team give first or even second drake but around the time third drake spawn it is when Ezreal are strong. I mentioned in a previous video of "Drake vs Rift Herald"(translation in process rip) early drake stack does not have a big impact on the game.  


But even in terms of item Ezreal's Muramana and Iceborn are much more valuable than Aphelios' IE and zeal. We will see in the mid game where Ezreal pushes Aphelios out of the game with his item advantage than at late game after Aphelios complete his item Aphelios' power(carry) level comes back again.  

This Graph shows the power leve of each adc: https://imgur.com/a/Mf1QIBG (Red is Apehlios and Blue is Ezreal) 20 min, 25 min, 30 min as the X-axis. Power as the y-axis.


In Soloque the majority of games(47% at 10.12) often ends in 20~30min(Korea)



The probelm lays in the spawn of third drake. Third drake spawn at around 17-20 min which is around the time Ezreal slowly upgrade his Manamune. If there is a team fight happening before Ezreal completed his Muramana Aphelios would out DPS Ezreal in the fight. This is because the power level of Manamune explodes when it is upgraded to Muramana. When it is upgraded it give the passive of dealing 6% of current mana in exchange of 3% current mana. So if you have 2000 mana you would deal 120 extra damage. How fast can you upgrade this item is the core of the matchup.



Even when you are down in gold if you have Muramana you would still be strong. This is similar to Muramana Corki where even when he is down in gold Corki can still destroy games with it. Ezreal's power are strongly tied to Manamune's upgrade this is can be seen in stat and in games.

Example 1: GenG vs KT

Let's look at a pro game. Interestingly in this game Ezreal's team got the first drake but the opponent was able to get the second and third drake. Then at about 19min Ezreal upgraded his Muramana item. This is when you can feel the damage of Ezreal spiking. In fact one of the Korea caster actually commented that Ezreal will now slowly take the priority over the game. At a team fight in 20min Ezreal no longer feel inferior to Aphelios but even stronger than him.  

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Example 2:V5 vs VG

In this game Ezreal's team are down two drakes and at 17:50min the third drake is spawned. Although they managed to steal away the drake Aphelios was able to win the team fight.  

This is the item at around 17min(https://imgur.com/a/Mf1QIBG)

  Although Ezreal's team is at a lead Ezreal was the weaker of the two adc.



Later on when the fourth drake spawned although Aphelios' team was able to get the drake they lost the team fight. In this fight Ezreal shows his power and takes over the priority(control) of this game.

So How Do You Win as Ezreal?

  1. If you can get at least one drake early on or try to upgrade your Muramana before third drake.
  2. If you can't do above delay drake's spawn as much as possible
  3. Acknowledge that you are weaker with Muramana and play around it  

Even when Aphelios have tower gold and two drakes Ezreal can still fight him with Muramana(hence why he is so strong).

Why Fight at Third Drake?

Ezreal is too weak to fight at the first two drakes so you often have to give it away. However, if you give Aphelios' team third drake there will be too much pressure on the map with the threat of Baron and Soul Point. So before third Drake it is okay to give up early objective. Giving up early objective isn't always bad especially for team that have Ezreal as his mid game spike is his biggest strength. However, if you gave them third drake they would gain more win conditions(and can dragged the game till Aphelios' late game spike).  

In the other side of the matchup, if you are Aphelios your goal is to get drake as fast possible, fight before Ezreal's Murmana, and get third drake before Ezreal upgrades his Manamune.  

Example 3: IG vs EDG

In this game despite having a early game lead Ezreal still falter in laning phase. EDG was able to get Ezreal two kills early and he was able to get sheen and Tear at 8:30min and they were deliberately delaying dragon spawn. However despite the early game lead the bot lane is still even, even slightly losing for Ezreal(pushed to his tower) as IG was able to get the drake with bot lane pressure. And with the help of TF IG was able to get the second drake as well.  

Ezreal was finally able to finish his Muramana at 21min(slightly late). However, beacause the drake is so delayed Ezreal still has two minute till the third drake. And later at the baron fight although IG was able get Baron they lost more members in the fight. And eventually Ezreal's team won the game.

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IG vs EDG: Game 3

Let's also look at Game 3 of the series. IG's Aphelios was able to get 2 kills and EDG's Rek Sai was able to get 2 kills as well. Because IG's bot lane have prioity they was able to get first drake. And here Ezreal chose to get a pickaxe focusing on damage instead of a tear. Ezreal later was able to get a kill and purchased a Sheen. Finally at 11min Ezreal purchased Tear and Aphelios was able get second drake with bot lane priority.



Then at the ever-important third drake Ezreal's Rek Sai was able to steal away the drake but traded his life to Apehlios. But they managed to get third drake so it is okay right? At fourth drake Ezreal still haven't upgraded his Muramana despite being at 22min. Eventually Aphelios's team was able to snowball to their victory.

When to Buy tear

In the past people have been buying Sheen first for the laning power however recently there are also people who prioritize Tear due to the importance of Muramana. In pro scene, it is already too hard to win against Aphelios early on so it might be better to instead of buying Sheen prioritize getting Tear to upgrade to Muramana as soon as possible. Tear gives 4 stack when casting spells while Manamune gives 5 stack just by auto-attacking. Getting a early Manamune are key to reaching that third drake timing.

Why LPL are so Successful with Ezreal

Ezreal's power level seems to be very difficult to play around as it require giving up early game in exchange for a strong mid-game but also a weaker late game(compares to Aphelios). However, this isn't an issue for LPL teams as they adjust their playstyle, champion picks to play around Ezreal.  

HLE's Viper(HLE vs SB game 1) completed Muramana at 22:40 min after losing three drakes. MSF Kobbe completed his Muramana at 21min also after losing three drakes(MSF vs RGE). Team have to play around Ezreal's power spike and choose to fight or not according to it. Team have to think about how the comps disrupt or compliment Ezreal's power level and need to play around it better.

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