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Korea’s reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 3

Content of the article: "Korea’s reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 3"

Hey everyone, not too much salt today as I guess they expected DRX to lose vs TES in the first place, but I expect a lot more flame in tomorrow's matches. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.



g2는 알수없는팀이다 잘하는가하면 못하고 못하는가하면 잘하고

I can’t figure out G2. They’re bad if they look good and they’re good if they look bad.

g2가 먼저 주도하고 게임 끌고가는데 마치 속도안밀리긴하는데? 마치는 그래도 1시드 값하네

G2 is definitely leading this game but Machi is kinda keeping up with the pace. At least Machi plays up to their first seed title.

그래도 이정도면 마치 수닝도 기대해볼만하다 마치 나쁘지않은데

This makes me excited for Machi vs Suning. Machi isn’t half bad.



Isn’t TL fucked??

북미 시발련들아 올해는 다르다매

NA you fucks you said you were different this year

젠슨 유성들고 압박도 안할거면 왜 유성들었냐 ㅋㅋㅋ 덕분에 바텀 개망함 가뜩이나 라인전약한데

Why did Jensen take comet if he’s not gonna put pressure in lane? Bot is ruined because of him.

불쌍한 북미 FlyQuest 응원해주자..

Poor NA let’s cheer for FlyQuest…


이건 담원이니까 가능하다 보통팀같으면 탑이 저렇게 기다릴동안 본대 터짐

This is only possible because it’s Damwon. If it was an average team the rest of the team loses while the top laner scales.

PSG 잘하네 한순간이라도 담원상대로 골드리드를 하다니… 징동도 로그도 못했었음 A조 갔으면 8강 갔을듯

PSG looks good. They took a gold lead against Damwon even for a moment, which is what even JDG or Rogue couldn’t do. They probably would’ve made it out if they were in Group A.

너구리 미쳣네 진짜 탑견제를 몇번을 했는데 다 받아내고 오히려 상대 타워박아넣고 솔킬따고 한타때도 개잘하고 개미침

Nuguri is just crazy good. He got ganked so many times and he still pushes lane and gets a solo kill. AND he shows up in teamfights he’s just crazy.

그래도 담원상대로 밴픽만 잘하면 이길만해보임 탑 정글 미드 원딜 서폿 밴픽으로 틀어막는거만 성공하면 다른팀들이 비벼볼만한거같은데

Games vs Damwon still look winnable. The enemy team just has to ban out Top Jungle Mid AD Support champ pools in draft, and the game’s winnable.

ㄹㅇㅋㅋ 담원 상대로 30밴하면 할만할듯

Yeah I think the game’s winnable if you ban 30 champions.

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야가오의 조이 은퇴!

Yagao’s Zoe retirement game!

애쉬 하지마라 저정도면 보면서도 화나네 4킬먹고 저따위로 하면 하지말아야지

Just don’t play Ashe. I’m getting angry just watching. If you’re gonna get 4 kills and play like that you just shouldn’t play Ashe.


아니 북미는 신인 안나옴? 저 산토린이 내가아는 산토린 맞음?

Wait does NA not have rookies? Is that Santorin the Santorin I know?

솔로 저거 한국 솔랭 마스터 탑신병자 끼워넣어도 저거보단 잘하겠다 진짜…

A KR server Master tier top laner would play better than Solo..

북미 ㅋㄲ 승리당하네

NA was forced to win this game.

북미 드디어 첫승 !!!! 으앜 !!!!! 북미 !!!!

NA’s first win!!! Let’s go!!!!! NA!!!!

북미 1승! 눈물 난다 ㅅㅂ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

NA’s first win! I’m gonna cry

lck가 노잼리그 맞긴하네 진짜 어나더레벨 웃음벨경기보면 lck는 걍 수면제였다

LCK really is the 0 fun league. Compared to games like these LCK is a sleeping pill.


재키러브 룰러보는것같다 클라스가 다르네

Jackeylove reminds me of Ruler. He’s on another level.

바텀격차 어마어마하네

Bot diff is insane.

됐다 이정도면 조2위는 하겠다

Nah it’s fine it looks like easy second place.

시발 잭키 개새끼 ;; 잘하긴 드럽게 잘하네

Fuck Jackey damn it he’s so god damn good.

난 져도 개잼있었는데ㅋ 만족함ㅋ

We lost but it was still fun to watch. I’m satisfied.

저렇게 쌘 세나 처음봤다

I’ve never seen such a strong Senna before.

역시 우려했던대로 바텀차이로 졌구먼

Just like we expected game was lost because of bot diff.

쵸비랑 표식은 무죄다 두명은 잘했다.

Chovy and Pyosik aren’t guilty. These two played well.

탑퀸이 완전 의미없었음 초반 이득 깔짝 본게 다임 스플릿 주도권 잡고 흔들어야 되는데 녹턴 탐켄치라 어케 못함 결국 이건 씨맥이 밴픽싸움에서 진거다

Top Quinn pick was useless. It only got a small lead early. Quinn has to win split and shake the game but she can’t do anything because of Nocturne Tahm Kench. cvMax lost draft on this one.

곧 이어 범인찾기가 시작됩니다 모두 착석해주시기바랍니다

After this game, we look for the impostor. Please take a seat.

재키러브에게서 우지가 느껴진다

I feel the Uzi in Jackeylove

근데 거기서 쓸쉬는 더 어이없었음ㅋㅋㅋ 지들딴에는 랜턴 세이브 생각했나본데 쓰레쉬는 서폿만 잘하면 구데기 픽됨. 미카엘가거나 탱서폿 수은들고 원딜앞에서있기만해도 쓰레쉬가 할수있는게 없음.

The Thresh pick doesn’t make sense either. I guess they thought they’d counter Nocturne with lantern, but Thresh is useless if the enemy support plays well. They build Mikael’s or go QSS on a tank support and just stand in front of the AD, and there’s nothing Thresh can do.

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