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LATAM Promotion/Relegation suspended until ending of 2021: what it means to the teams involved

Content of the article: "LATAM Promotion/Relegation suspended until ending of 2021: what it means to the teams involved"


In LATAM we have many national leagues, Argentina, Chile, Perú, México, Costa Rica and Colombia as far as I know. The winners of every national league play for 2 spots in LLA, which is our tier 1 league, granting a spot for worlds (Rainbow 7 plays in LLA).

After a year of teams playing in national leagues (opening and closing splits, and the regional qualifiers), because of the COVID situation, the promotion tournament got delayed. They didn't plan ahead and their solution is a joke. Now they announced it will be played in 2021 with the following rules:

-Both LLA teams who were going to play promo/relegation Furious Gaming and Pixel Esports must participate regardless of their results in 2021. -Both teams from the national leagues Undead Gaming and Estral Esports will participate in the promo/relegation as long as they don't end up last and lose promo/relegation to the tier 3 league. -The last two teams from LLA in 2021 will join the other four teams (they might be Furious and Pixel again) and the two new teams from the national leagues, making it between 6 and 8 teams competing for two spots. -Undead and Estral will receive a monetary compensation.

Basically this makes the 2020 year go to waste for the national teams. The LLA teams have stayed in their gaming houses in Mexico for the last month awaiting to play the promo/relegation which now will not be played Even if Furious or Pixel qualify for worlds next year, they still have to play the promo/relegation. It really doesn't make any sense.

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All the money the teams invested this year went to waste, and they will have to play next year for literally nothing because they already have the promotion/relegation slot secured.

I'm writing this in behalf of every LATAM player and team whose dream is to play in LLA and worlds, when all Riot LATAM does is shit on the team's work. We would like to hear a response from Riot LATAM esports team and Riot Games.

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